Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gimme a B.....

...U...R...N...O...U...T! What does that spell? The way I feel!

Look, I am so burned out, I don't even want to plan for next school year. Yes, it's that serious!!!!

Never fear! This has been a seriously draining 12 month period, and I think my brain has shut down for awhile. We've had so much to adjust to with RDI, and I can only handle so much change. Not to mention the fact that not only are we going against the flow within general society (by homeschooling), but within the autism community we're also going against the flow (by homeschooling and by not using ABA), and then within homeschooling we're going against the flow (by using a CM approach and not following a traditional scope and sequence).

Personally, I'm not used to that much up-stream swimming. :) It's exhausting! And times like these, I feel like I'm drowning.

Thankfully, our school year is nearing completion. Austin's on the 2nd to last lesson in MUS Delta! Riley is almost to her stopping point in her Singapore 3B math book (honestly I'm going to scream if we have to "add and subtract in compound units" one more time)! They are each reading their last required book of the year (Caddie Woodlawn and Farmer Boy). Reece is plugging right along with her reading and math.

I'm torn about not going to the homeschool convention this weekend. One one hand, I usually come back from convention enthusiastic for the new school year. On the other hand, it usually fades by June. On one hand, I like to spend time with my friends looking at curriculum. On the other hand, I am afraid this year I wouldn't be very good company. It feels weird to not be going!
Instead, I'm going to a scrapbooking retreat! I think this is probably exactly what I need for this weekend. I will be able to get away for a couple of days without having to think about 'work' (meaning homeschooling).

And hopefully when I return, I'll be ready to jump back into the river and continue that up-stream paddling!


poohder said...

You've earned the right for a break.
A person's brain can only take so much, Ya know? You'll be better for it and better for your kids, so DON'T
feel guilty about it. I remember feeling like that when starting RDI, then homeschooling, then OCD stuff and CM stuf, etc. etc. I look forward to hearing about the next book you've read for fun, and NOT about HSing or AUTISM. Promise?? Love ya Rhonda

Lisa Quing said...

Rhonda has a great idea. Read something for fun! Works for me! It's normal to get weary, but hang in there! It's nearly time for summer vacation!

The Glasers said...

Maybe the post-conference glow will last longer since the retreat is about something totally off-topic from what burns you out! Everyone gets burnt out for one reason or another. You are made of pretty stern stuff to have gone through so much change in one year AND exceled!