Monday, May 12, 2008

Dance costume pictures

I got the professional studio pictures back of the girls in their dance costumes! This photographer offered a CD of all of your pictures for one price, so I was able to get everything! He took 3 poses in each costume, so I'm just putting up my favorites, for now. If I have time later, I will put up a few others!

Here is Reece in her tap costume:
Here is Riley in her tap costume:
I had a picture taken of them together in their tap costumes:
Here is Reece in her ballet costume:
And here is Riley in her ballet costume:
The pictures of Riley in her jazz costume are missing. I am going to have to ask the other moms if they got theirs or not. I don't know if they didn't come out, or if he just forgot to add them to my CD. The jazz costume is the leotard of the ballet costume, with pink jazz pants.

And here is a special picture I had taken as a Mother's Day surprise for my mom:


poohder said...

Seriously!!, your kids are adorable!

Lil Sadie Homemaker said...


The Glasers said...

What a fantastic Mother's Day gift! I love the ballet costume pictures; your daughters look so graceful in them!