Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekly Review: 4/7-4/11

This was spring break for the area schools, so all of our regular activities (dance classes, choir, baseball) were canceled! It was fantastic not to have to go anywhere! Monday and Tuesday we stayed home, and in the afternoon the neighborhood kids came over. Wednesday we had our neighbor's daughter over for most of the day while her parents went to a big OB appointment (they are having a baby boy in July). Also that day, the repairman came out to repair the refrigerator. Thursday we stayed home again, as I wasn't feeling very well. And Friday, as you read, was our nature hike.

Academically, we had a productive week overall. I spent last weekend figuring out exactly how to wrap up our school year. We usually school through June, take off July, and resume in August. This year, I'm feeling the need to have June and July off so I can read up more about CM and also attack this RDI reading list. I also want to get a good start on planning next school year. We are only required to have 180 days of school for the state, but we usually have that many days in late April or early May... so mostly I was trying to figure out if we'll finish what we need to. We will be able to wrap everything up, with the exception of Riley's new math book she recently started. I found us a good stopping point, and we'll just pick up where we left off. It's good to see the end of the road for this year --- it has been a year of change and learning and growth and struggle. And my brain is tired. My heart is pretty tired, too! :)

Riley continued to read Caddie Woodlawn this week. She doesn't seem too interested in it, but she was distracted by wanting to get outside and play with her friend who was home from school this week. In math she worked on adding and subtracting with linear measurements... both metric and standard.

Austin finished up The Princess and Curdie. This coming week he will begin reading Farmer Boy. In math, he got a B+ on his math test, and began a new lesson on roman numerals. I've decided that he will finish up Delta, and we will start Epsilon in August. Over the summer, he'll practice the long division that he worked so hard to learn so he doesn't forget it. But that will only be a problem or two per day.

Reece read another of her Real Kids Phonics Readers from the library. She continued to work on addition, and she's really good at it. She doesn't need to use the blocks to figure out the problems, which is amazing to me. She reminds me alot of Austin in this way... he has always been really quick to learn the math facts.

We started the Apologia Astronomy book. According to the recommended schedule, we are supposed to spend one week doing the readings and the following week doing the notebooking and activities. The readings for the first chapter were very interesting!

Next week will be a bit different. Riley has ITBS testing at home. Austin will do reading, copywork, and math on his own... and help keep Reece entertained so I can give Riley the quiet time she needs for testing. This is the first time I've had to do ITBS with Reece at home. The last 2 years, we did ITBS while Reece was at preschool.

I'm not testing Austin this year. It isn't required by state law (neither was last year's testing). I wanted to test everyone yearly, but with the changes we did focusing on RDI this year, I was really afraid that if there was a decrease in his test scores, it would make me regret spending time on RDI this year. He has to be tested at the end of next year according to the law, so I won't have a choice.

Hope everyone had a nice week! If you do a weekly review for your homeschool, I would love to read it! :) Please let me know where to find it by leaving a comment!

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The Glasers said...

Caddie Woodlawn gets exciting in a plot line revolving around her friendship with Indian John. He was a real person and they had a clipping for his obituary posted at the Caddie Woodlawn house in Menomonie.