Monday, April 14, 2008

Testing, testing....

It's standardized testing time again!

This week I will be giving Riley the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). I don't know why I'm so nervous! LOL

The main thing I'm nervous about with her is being able to stay focused to get the test done within the time limits. And, of course, there is that part of me that worries that she won't do well from an academic standpoint.

Wish us luck! :)

Update: She didn't have any trouble finishing the sections we did today within the time allowed! YAY!


The Glasers said...

Praying for nerves of steel for both you and Riley!


Ah testing time. I'll have to get ours out next week.

I got to your blog from Amy's Growing Fruit. I've added you to my links list on my blog. :-)

Looking forward to reading more!

Jan said...

It will go fine!! : )
We're testing in a few weeks. So, of course it's easy for me to tell you that now. LOL!