Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surprise Saturday

Austin had some gift cards left over from his birthday last year, and he said it was time to use them! We couldn't use the gift cards online to purchase tickets to the Braves game, so we would have to go down to the stadium on game day and try our luck! This was going to require some flexible thinking!

We were wanting to see the Braves play the Dodgers! We arrived about 2.5 hours before game time (Austin had a game in the morning), parked in a different place than we usually do (because it would be fun to try it!), and went straight for the ticket window! Austin asked for 2 tickets on field level, and we were surprised to find out that they had 2 seats on the 3rd base line 15 rows from the field! It was perfect! Austin paid for the tickets and we went to call Daddy and Nana and tell them!
I had just dialed the phone to call Daddy, when we rounded the corner and this view greeted me:
JOHN SMOLTZ!!! He was giving an interview about 6 feet from where I was standing. I hung up on my husband (sorry, dear!) and whipped out the camera (which I only threw into my bag at the last minute!), and snapped some pictures! :) It was everything I could do not to go running up to him! Thankfully there was security and a barrier to protect him! LOL
It was Tom Glavine's scheduled day to pitch - you know, my favorite player ever?? But unfortunately, he went on the DL with a torn hamstring. That's OK! We still had a great time! And I WILL get to see Tommy in a Braves uniform this season! I WILL! :)
Look at the view from these seats! And really, my camera is so small that it doesn't show really how good the seats truly were! Austin used the last of his gift cards to buy us lunch, and then I treated for ice cream and peanuts!

Thanks, Austin, for such a lovely afternoon! I enjoyed spending some time alone with you! I'm glad you wanted to take me to the game with you! :)

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