Sunday, April 20, 2008

She did it! :)

Tonight was Reece's spring program for choir. I have been so nervous all week long, wondering whether or not she would actually get up and sing in front of the entire church. It's hard to predict exactly how she'll react to new situations!

We had rehearsal in the church before the service. This was her first time on stage in this church, though she's seen her sister on stage here before. She did great during the rehearsal and I was very encouraged! I took her out for some 'wiggle time' before the service and then we went back in. She was still doing great so I left her and went to sit with my husband and the big kids.

Then her group went on stage, still before the service. She saw all the people and started to cry. The other teachers motioned for me to come up to the stage, where Reece was saying she wasn't going to sing and she wanted to go home. I kept trying to reassure her, and then it was decided that I should just stay up on stage with the other teachers. This was fine by me, and I had dressed for the occasion! :)

She did very, very well... though it was iffy there for awhile. She started rocking back and forth, and I was watching her, wondering if it was going to be worth it if it was going to take so much from her that she needed to rock. But the music started, she stood up, and everything went fine. She did keep asking how many more songs until we were done! LOL

Here is a video of my favorite song that they performed. Reece is on the end on the top row, in the short sleeve light pink shirt. At one point, she was on the big screens for the church so dh panned to that and you can see her a bit better.

We are very proud of her! She got to choose where she wanted to go for supper, and she chose McDonald's!


Chef Penny said...

That was so awesome! I boohooed for her! God is good all the time!

poohder said...

yea!!! It looked like she was referencing someone for reassurance during the performance, and even at a distance YEA!! Reece Now get some sleep

The Glasers said...

Wow!!! I know how much you have worried and Reece did beautifully!!!!

Snoopy dancing and victory lapping!!!