Monday, April 21, 2008

Inspiration meets Masterly Inactivity

We started listening to Prince Caspian for our lunchtime Read-Aloud last week. Riley commented that she loved Susan the best, because she's the biggest sister in her family, and she has an older brother, just like Riley herself. And Susan has a bow and arrows, and Riley loves bows and arrows. (That last part was news to me!)

After lunchtime we have a 60-90 minute rest time. Riley usually spends this time working on crafts because it's a safe time to do it without Reece's "help"! ;) After a while, she came to tell me she was excited and wanted me to see something. She had been having her rest time in the backyard, and this is what she had created:
She's a natural at the bow and arrow, isn't she? :)

It's times like these that make homeschooling feel worth it to me! It's definitely not easy most of the time. And I wonder if it is really worth all of the effort. But then we have little moments like this that make it seem so nice!


poohder said...

I saw her picture BEFORE I read the text and I thought to myself 'she looks like Susan on the Chronicles of Narnia', lol! How fun!!

The Glasers said...

I can just see Riley as Susan in a play! :-)

That is why I love homeschooling! David made the seven wonders of the ancient world from Legos plus a fleet of triremes. He also made a bow and arrow from a plastic hangar and wooden spoons. Those things FLY!