Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"Hey, mom! This answer doesn't make sense!"

That is music to this homeschool mom's ears! :)

I've noticed recently that I've been hearing the above statement come out of Austin's mouth quite a bit! It is BEYOND exciting!

That simple statement shows so much growth:

1. He is thinking about what he's doing. He's not just going through the motions, writing the answer, and moving on. He is looking at the answer and asking himself if it makes sense in context.

2. He's asking for help. He doesn't expect himself to be perfect. He is looking to his guide (me) for support! Rather than having a meltdown over his lack of perfection, he is taking steps to figure it out.

3. He wants to collaborate with me. He isn't wanting me to come tell him the answer. He isn't just giving up and letting me tell him what to do. Sometimes, I come over to see what's up, only to have him tell me what's up while I stand there completely silent while he fixes it himself.

I need to remember these moments. There are still some of the meltdown moments, but they are fewer, for sure. And instead of provoking me to despair, they need to inspire me to figure out what has broken down. And I'd be willing to bet it has little to do with the actual work, and more to do with a lack of competence (probably from me not scaffolding the information/activity enough).

For now, I'll take a page from Tammy's book and Snoopy dance and victory lap, while we encode these positive episodic memories! ;)


poohder said...

YEP WAY COOL! New brain connections are happening for sure!

Lisa Quing said...

Oh wow! That is AWESOME!!!

The Glasers said...

This accomplishment is definitely worth a snoopy dance and victory lap or two!!!

JamBerry said...

Sly, who never checks his work, did the same thing today, and I immediately thought of you & Austin! What a terrific feeling when your kid is thinking and learning and teaching himself, and delighted to share that with you too!