Sunday, April 06, 2008

Belated Weekly Review : 3/31-4/4

This was the first week of our new modified schedule with everyone on their own history readings, and I learned something very important: we're gonna have to scale this back a bit and slow down! LOL The kids had no trouble doing history 4 days, and reading their own history when required. However, they had a much more difficult time with narration, and my head nearly exploded! ;)

So I made a few adjustments which I think will work well for us all. It will deviate us a bit more from the Ambleside schedules, but as it says on the AO website itself, Ambleside is not the only way to 'do' CM. We'll also slow the pace down.

I am consolidating the different elementary level history spines, and we're going to use the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer. There are a few reasons for this change, but the most important ones are (1.) for simplicity, (2.) I already own all but the 4th one, and (3.) they cover a broader scope of world history than the books suggested in AO. I will use the 4 volumes over 6 years of the elementary/middle school grades, beginning in 3rd grade and ending with 8th grade. This also means we will not cover American History as a separate subject in elementary/middle school, but something has to give and I can add in more American History via assigned literature.

Austin will cover Volumes 3-4 over the next 3 years (6th-8th grades), with AO Years 4-6. Riley will start Volume 1 next year and do a 5 year rotation for her 4th-8th grade. Her plan doesn't like up as neatly with AO, but basically we'll try to focus on AO Year 2 along with additional reading from the WTM since she's already read so many of the AO books. And Reece won't start formal history until 3rd grade when she starts SOTW1/AO Year 1. I'm going to use good literature in the meantime and I will share the books as I find them. I know that I will read to her Boy of the Pyramids next year from Simply Charlotte Mason, before we go to see King Tut. I'm not sure what else I'll read to her, but the lists available are plentiful and I'm sure the only trouble will be picking which ones to read next.

I'm re-reading this and it sounds much more complicated than it is in reality. Basically, the AO Years remain intact except substituting SOTW for the history spines. And probably no Plutarch for a few more years! :)

As for high school, the plan is a 4 year rotation with a combination of book suggestions from the Well-Trained Mind and Ambleside's House of Education. It will look vastly different for each of the children, so you'll have to wait at least another 2 years before I'll be able to give more details. LOL I know, it's disappointing... me? Niffercoo? Not have a firm plan for High School yet? What's the world coming to? ;)

We will be doing our usual Friday artist study, composer study, and art history together. Also, next year I would like each child to share something with their siblings that they learned. I think that would be a good way to practice speaking and listening skills, including how to be a good audience. We will do science together for the rest of this year and all of next year, before Austin moves into the upper level Apologia textbooks.

Ok, this sounds more like a preview than a review, so let's get back to the topic:

Austin is getting close to finishing The Princess and Curdie. Riley just started Caddie Woodlawn. And Reece read another of the Real Kids Phonics Readers, called I Am Mad!

Austin was successful in mastering the latest lesson of his MUS book... he has one more review page and then the test. Riley started the metric system and thinks it's the coolest. Reece is still working on addition.

We finished reading Nim's Island and saw the movie on Friday morning. It wasn't exactly like the book, but very close. And we enjoyed it very much, though I thought the book was better. There is a sequel that was released last month, Nim at Sea. I have reserved that at the library, so we'll squeeze it in before we listen to Prince Caspian. That movie comes out on May 16th.

Austin started Subjects and Verbs in Grammar, and that leaves one more lesson (adverbs) to cover before the end of the year. We'll finish this book next year in 6th grade. Riley didn't do grammar this week because I'm still sort of up in the air about whether or not to have her spend time doing grammar or wait and have her do it in 5th/6th grades, as SCM recommends.

We introduced Astronomy this week with the Magic School Bus Lost in Space book. I have such a tender part in my heart for the Magic School Bus! I know they are geared for Reece's age, but all of the kids absolutely LOVE them. We'll begin Apologia Elementary Astronomy next week.

We didn't have our regular Friday subjects because we did the movie instead! We also had 5 dance classes, 2 choir classes, a musical rehearsal, an RDI appointment, and 2 baseball games this week. Maybe that's why my head nearly exploded? :)


poohder said...

>>LOL I know, it's disappointing... me? Niffercoo? Not have a firm plan for High School yet? What's the world coming to? ;) >>

When I read this I had to laugh. I don't even have a decent plan for next month, let alone in High School!
And yet we are making great progress, Go figure! We are all so different.

Niffercoo said...

Yep, isn't that one of the greatest things about homeschooling, poohder!/ :) We can tailor our schooling to our personal goals, our child's needs, AND our own personalities!

The Glasers said...

Jen, tell Riley that we have been IN the actual house in which Caddie lived. My kids are standing in front of the bay window in this picture. I have more pictures on a CD-ROM if she wants to see them.

A historical society was trying to restore it and turned it into a museum. Basically, you walk in--there's no guide, no tour, no organization. Also, no electricity nor plumbing!!! But, on the day we went we found lots of mosquitos!!!

It looks like they are making progress because it is painted white now!!!

Chef Penny said...

I had to laugh this week. I don't have a good plan for tomorrow yet never mind high school. I stole your idea for my blog of a weekly review! Thanks! We are doing SOTW bk1 and Astronomy too so I will be stealing more ideas, I think!