Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disney trip

I'm sorry it has taken so long to get around to writing about my trip, but I came home to a whirlwind! In the last 7 days we had 2 doctor appointments, 5 dance classes, 2 baseball practices, a birthday celebration, and a Nascar race. Plus school! And the 18 hour days I was sailing through at Disney caught up with me in a major way! LOL

But enough of that! Here is my trip... I left on Tuesday night to drive to my mom's house. We had a 7 AM flight, and if we had flown out of Atlanta, we would have had to leave my house around 4 AM. To get to her airport in time, I think we left around 5:30 or 5:45! And we still had plenty of time! Here are the details of the trip, as much as I can remember! I journaled every night, but left my journal in mom's bag! So I'm going on memory, which is frightening! :)

The plane was tiny... tiny, tiny! We had to walk outside to get on the plane, and I nearly had to duck to get inside it! I was quite nervous even though mom tried to reassure me that she flies this sort of plane for business all the time! The flight wasn't that bad, and we were in Orlando at 8:30 in the morning!! I was so excited! We took the "Magical Express" bus to the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort and we were checked into our room by 10:00. Our room was ready, which was great... we took a look around the savanna view, dropped off some stuff, and by 10:30 we were ready for our first stop.

Our main goal this time was to watch the shows, and for that we needed schedules. We started off at the closest park, and our favorite: Animal Kingdom. We got the schedule for that park and realized that we were in perfect timing for the Festival of the Lion King show. It worked like that all week long... we walked right up and the bus would be there to take us where we needed to go, we would walk up in perfect timing for a show or a ride. It all went incredibly smoothly! :) We saw that show, which was incredible! I got my hair wrapped, picked up a more secure lanyard, and we saw another show. We managed to see everything at Animal Kingdom that was on our list!

We headed over to the next park: Hollywood Studios. To our surprise, we were able to get the schedules for the rest of the parks for the rest of the week! What luck for a planning person like me! LOL Mom let me plan our time... I put everything into the spreadsheet I had drawn up! I LOVE planning, and she didn't mind me taking it over so she didn't have to think about it! We had decided to see Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios at 7, and IllumiNations at Epcot at 9. It was going to be tight, but we thought we could make it happen --- and we did! LOL

I know there is more that I'm forgetting right now... but that's OK! We did 3 parks in one day... came back to the room to journal and crashed into bed!

I slept SO well in the bunkbed! We woke up at 6 AM, and looked outside in the dark to see the animals grazing right out our window! It was amazing! I just about couldn't get mom out of the room! LOL We left around 7:15 to get to our breakfast reservations at Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom.

We had decided that Thursday would be our official birthday... so we stopped by the guest relations and got our birthday buttons. When we got to the castle for breakfast, we got our picture taken with Cinderella, then were escorted to our table. It was a table for two, right next to the window so we could look over the Magic Kingdom! It was absolutely perfect! Shortly after our food arrived, our waiter brought over 2 pieces of cake, and 2 birthday cards from Cinderella! I asked mom if she had prearranged it, but she had not! They apparently saw our buttons and worked that all up while we sat! It was amazing! The food was good, even for this picky eater! And the cake was yummy... little mickey shaped sprinkles. The other princesses came around and signed our autograph books and birthday cards, and I got my picture taken with each one! I was a little girl all over again! :)

I called the girls at home to tell them all about the breakfast! Reece asked me if I got Ariel's autograph (the Little Mermaid, and Reece's favorite). Yikes. So mom and I headed for Ariel's Grotto and stood in line for an HOUR to get this autograph for Reece! LOL I do love that girl! :) We were going to be back at the Magic Kingdom for the Pirate and Princess Party that night, so we left again and went to Epcot. At least I'm pretty sure we did.... I can't believe how hard it is to remember! I'm so glad I wrote everything down in my journal!

At Epcot, we rode Soarin', and Spaceship Earth (which were both absolutely wonderful!), and I rode Test Track which was fantastic! Austin would love it, I'm sure! I think we went to Hollywood Studios to watch the Stunt Show this day, too. I know we watched it and it was absolutely amazing... Austin would love it as well! Before we knew it, it was time to go back and get ready for the P&P party!

Mom and I had costumes to wear, and we looked absolutely awesome! We arrived back at the Magic Kingdom, and it was dark and magical looking! Pirates at the entrance put us up on the retaining wall and sang Happy Birthday to us! We got our pictures taken together, and headed for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! I could ride that over and over forever and never get tired of it! But after riding it once, we came out and it was time for the tutorial. Captain Jack came out and I was totally speechless... he looked JUST like Johnny Depp and sounded just like him too! I knew then that I wouldn't be able to do the character meet and greet. LOL (I'm gonna pay for that comment when my husband reads this! Hee hee). About 2/3 of the way through the tutorial it started to POUR. Jack ran off in a hurry, and mom and I put our ponchos on. We got a bite to eat, and watched the parade and it was still pouring. We were getting wet even with the ponchos on. We wanted to wait for the fireworks so we went over to watch SpectroMagic which was really good! When we came out, the fireworks were underway and they were amazing!! I nearly drowned trying to look up to watch them! The water would drip off my poncho onto my mouth and nose! By the time the fireworks were over, mom and I were sufficiently soaked and cold. We headed back for the room! Our shoes were still wet 4 days later! LOL

The forecast was not encouraging for the Braves Spring Training game, but we were determined to not give up. We spent this day at Hollywood Studios, because that's where the only bus to the Wide World of Sports picks up. We got there early so we could take in the High School Musical show for Riley, and get lots of video. While we waited for that, I got my picture taken with the pompoms so Riley would think I'm cool! LOL After that, we saw Beauty and the Beast which was absolutely fantastic! Then it was time to go to the Braves game and the weather was holding out!

We got to the Braves game and our seats were right behind home plate! The weather was sunny and warm and we had a fantastic time! I got my husband a spring training ball cap! :) It was very different from games at home though.... nobody clapped and sang and did all the fun dances like they do at a regular game. I was just about the only person to do the YMCA, besides the ushers! We tried to get autographs, but were unsuccessful.

After the game was over, we made one of the best decisions of the entire trip: we decided to finish shopping for souvenirs! We went back to the lodge and took off our new shoes we bought for the Braves game (to match our pink shirts... note to anyone reading this: never wear brand new shoes at Disney! OUCH!). We then headed to Downtown Disney to shop for the kids. After a couple of hours we were done and the rain was starting. We had planned to finish the night at Epcot, but this time the rain was acommpanied by lightning and storm warnings. We went back to the lodge, took care of our poor feet, and watched the storm.

It was hard to believe we had to go home already! That's why I was so glad we finished our souvenir shopping the night before, because this last day we could spend at our favorite park just relaxing: Animal Kingdom!! There was no better way to spend that last day! The weather had turned windy and quite cool, but that was actually great for seeing the animals on the safari! We did the safari 3 times that day, I think.... I know we did it at least twice! I also rode Expedition Everest which is THE best roller coaster ever! Mom doesn't do rides that jerk her around, so I rode alone like I did on Test Track. We absolutely love the safari, so neither of us minded doing it over and over, and we saw new animals each time!

Alas it was time to ride the "Magical Express" to the airport. We were able to check our luggage directly in to our flight home, so all we had were our carryons. And when we got to the airport we just went to the gate! It is all very convenient that way! Our flight was delayed so we ended up getting back an hour or so later... then we had to drive back to Atlanta because my mom and dad were taking Austin to the Nascar race on Sunday! LOL

The trip was magical and wonderful and amazing! I was so glad to spend so much time alone with my mom... it's been years since she and I have had time like that! I'm so grateful to her for taking me on this trip!!! She asked me on the bus ride to the airport where I wanted to go for our next trip --- I said Disney! LOL I mean it, too! There is something magical and wonderful about Disneyworld! I can't wait to go back again! :)


poohder said...

It all sounds so wonderful. SOOO glad you had such a wonderful time... but for the life of me I cannot figure how you were able to convince your kids to let you go to Disney without them, lol!! I would have had a SERIOUS mutiny on my hands.

Jan said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time!!!!!! I'm so glad! I can't wait to see all of the pictures you gal took. The photo pass ones are great!!!

The Glasers said...

I cannot believe how much you packed into one trip! No wonder you were tired when you came home!!! What a wonderful memory for you and your mom!!!