Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekly Review: 2/18-2/22

This was one of those weeks that doesn't feel like it could only have been ONE week! :) As you may have been able to surmise from my blog entries, this was one heck of a week! Again, we did not get as much of our school work done as I had planned. The weather was lovely until the end of the week, and the kids spent so much time outside! This is the hardest part of this time of year --- once it gets nice out, I have a hard time keeping the kids inside. I think the next warm day, I will get outside and clean our patio furniture. That way we can take our work outdoors, and have the best of both worlds!

We did get our science done again. The kids are enjoying the study of the human body! We added the digestive system this week. Also, we watched the Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday night, and sort of jump-started the astronomy study we will be doing after we're done with the human body. Reece really got into it, too. It's great to see her curiosity growing, and to see her developing a desire to be a part of what we are doing!

Our new lunch-time read-aloud is the first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles. We want to see this movie in the theater, and I like to have the book read when we can. I am hoping to have at least the first book finished, and perhaps the second (they are very short chapter books), and maybe surprise the kids with seeing the movie on Friday.

Yesterday we had an RDI appointment to discuss the first 2 parts of the RDA. It was a good meeting, I think. Our consultant-in-training (CIT) wanted to show us the great things we did, and the ways we have changed our interactions with Reece. At one point she stopped the video segment and said, "Did you see what you just did there?" ROFL, um, no! She said it is becoming second-nature to me. I wish I agreed with her. It still doesn't seem natural at all. It's more like I sort of accidentally did the right thing! I still have to spend so much time reading and focusing on what I am supposed to be saying (or not saying)! It's like I have to study RDI as much as I can, hoping to make it become part of me.

Riley will be singing with her choir for the evening service tomorrow night. I will be spending the day getting caught up on laundry, and preparing for next week's lessons! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


The Glasers said...

What do you think of the Spiderwick Chronicles? We have not read them yet.

Niffercoo said...

We have only read the first 2 chapters, and there hasn't been much action yet. It is a very short book, only 7 chapters! I am not concerned about content being objectional because my friend Jan has allowed her boys to read them, and I trust her judgment. :)