Friday, February 01, 2008

Week in Review: 1/28-2/1

This week we completed Week 12 in the Year 3 plan from Ambleside Online. This ends the first trimester in this plan, and next week we'll begin the 2nd trimester which means a shift in our poet, artist, composer, and nature study focus. I haven't fully implemented poet/composter/artist/ nature study in our switch to a Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling, but that's OK. The composer for the first trimester was Mozart, the artist was daVinci, and the nature study topic was mammals. The poet was William Blake. We are very familiar with all of the above, except William Blake, so I just played some music and read a couple of good books about those individuals, and had a poster up about mammals. The 2nd semester's composer is Handel, artist is Rembrandt, and nature study is birds. The poets are 2 individuals I've not heard of nor can I find anything at the library from either of them. I will look into the resources on the AO website, and if I don't care for it, I'll just go back and focus on William Blake since the poor man got pushed aside.

Also, as part of the end of the first trimester, the children finished reading The Princess and the Goblin. They really enjoyed this story, and Austin asked if there is a sequel. (This could be a sign that either he really loved the characters, story, and writing... or it could show that we read waaaaay too many books that are part of a series! LOL) There is indeed a sequel, but not at our library, so I will order it from amazon the next time I place an order.

I am having Austin and Riley read the assigned reading from AO wherever they can, as this was what CM intended. My main problem is that I enjoy reading aloud so much, that I miss not reading. So I have still been reading World History and American History, some of the more difficult literature selections, and art history (not included in AO but a book I really adore). Right now they read one or two of the literature books, the American Tall Tales book, and Geography (Holling C. Holling from previous AO years). I also currently assign the books listed under Free Reading this year, but as they move into doing more of their own reading from the main subject areas , I will make that list be truly free reading in the afternoons before rest time. This will take some time, but my goal is for them to be reading all of their subjects to themselves around the time I start Year 1 with Reece, which won't be for at least one year and maybe two.

Reading: Austin started reading The Door in the Wall, Riley continued the Dragon of Lonely Island, and Reece read 2 more of the Calvert early phonics readers.

Math: Austin struggled a bit with this week's division lesson, which frustrated him greatly after last week's fairly easy lesson; Riley worked on her 9s times tables; and Reece started adding with the MUS bars which she is finding incredibly easy.

History: We learned about the first English colony in North America, which was NOT Plymouth. Sir Humphrey Gilbert's name entered our vocabulary!

Science: We studied the muscular system... added the muscle pattern to our body chart.

Literature: Perseus has completed his adventures and returned home; Christian met the Interpreter in Dangerous Journey (a version of Pilgrim's Progress); and we read a fantastic story about waiting for the arrival of Jesus from Parables from Nature.

Grammar: Austin took a test on pronouns and scored a B, his first B in grammar ever! Riley started diagramming direct objects and helping verbs, and finds it so much fun!

Writing/Spelling: We seem to be hitting a groove with Copywork and Dictation! The kids are really understanding the concept of studying for their dictation and working on the words and punctuation that is tricky to them. Austin's formal writing lessons involved combining two related sentences into one by making one sentence into a phrase. This is tricky, so we'll be working on it this coming week as well. Reece is nearly done with her HWT book, but I'm taking it slowly to keep her in the zone.

Overall, I am still so thrilled with everything we are doing since we have started using AO, and particularly since I started actively TRUSTing in the Lord to guide my path with each child. I still have lots to learn and progress to make in implementing the CM philosophy, but I'm taking it step by step.Today marked 4 weeks in a row where we have actually completed everything I had planned for us all week. I think that it is honestly a first in our 6 years of homeschooling. It's not only the shorter lessons, but the fact that everything we're doing is so very interesting. The kids were asking me all week when we were going to get to hear the end of Perseus' story. I planned that for Friday to build the anticipation, and they insisted we read it this morning before we left for our RDI appointments. It was great!

I was able to purchase the entire CM original homeschooling series from a friend of a friend for only $20 --- I can't wait to read them.I know they are online at the AO website, but I really don't like reading for detail from the computer screen. ;) It seems like I've got a ton of reading to catch up on. My 888 list may not get much attention for awhile. Between RDI and CM, I am behind on 'homework' again.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. It's a busy one for us with my parents visiting and the Super Bowl on Sunday. I'm going to finalize the post I've been working on this week, and I'll put that up tomorrow morning. Then I'll be back in a few days! :)

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lisaquing said...

Wow! That all is amazing. Truly. You are doing great. (Makes me feel like ... well, a word I won't say here, but that's ok! You're doing great!)