Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day party

Today we attended a party with a new homeschool group. I had been to their mom's meeting a few weeks ago and enjoyed the company of the moms. So I decided to take the kids to this party to meet the other children. I had mentioned to the moms at the meeting that Austin and Reece have autism spectrum disorders, but didn't really elaborate. I knew my kids would be some of the oldest, and I was right. It didn't go all that badly.

The hardest part was just walking into the new place, with the new faces. Reece immediately lost it and started crying, "This is not a party!" I'm not sure what she meant by that, or what she was expecting. She was so excited last night about the party and meeting new people. I stayed with her and helped her go to the various stations that were set up for activities. She did not interact with any of the other children, though a few of them did try to interact with her.

Austin was in charge of picture-taking, until my battery died. It kept him busy! Here are a few samples of the shots he got.

The last station Reece went to was the Valentine bag/box decorating station. She seemed to have really relaxed by the time she was at this station. And she loves to be creative.
Reece decorated 2 cookies, and made a heart-shaped peanut butter sandwich for lunch.
Austin's friend D was at this party. He's not a homeschooler (yet, lol) but today was early release day and his mom checked him out of school early so she wouldn't have to leave in the middle of the party. Austin was glad to see him. They've been friends for about 18 months, being great ballplayers together. There was also another boy their age, which was nice. They set up the lunch for the younger kids, then went outside to play basketball.
Riley's friend that she knows wasn't at the party today, and most of the girls were around Reece's age. So after Riley went through all the stations, she looked after our friends' toddler. She helped her make her sandwich, and followed her around while she was busy 'being two'. Riley was very helpful!
Riley decorated a card for daddy at the card-making station!

I gave the kids the day off from school as their Valentine's Day present... they didn't know until this morning. Honestly, I was such a nervous wreck over the party today, I couldn't have focused on school if I wanted to. Austin was a little aggravated with me, because he got up and started his work and I didn't know he was up to tell him that he didn't have school today! LOL Ooops! He's ahead for tomorrow then, I guess! :)

Hope your Valentine's Day is a love-ly one!

Edited to add: I found out what it meant by "This is not a party!" Apparently a party must have a band and a stage! She's such a musician's daughter!! LOL


poohder said...

Sounds like a you salvaged it and then rose above it as best you could despite the rocky start and the other uncertainties. BTW I think
Austin getting to be ahead for tomorrow is a GREAT reward for being so diligent and conscientious .
So funny about Reece needing a band, hey who wouldn't love a band at every party!! LOL Happy Valentines Day

Lisa Quing said...

The party looked really fun! Did you have a chance to talk to any moms?

Niffercoo said...

Lisa, I made a point to try to at least say hello to every mom there. So out of character for me! LOL I'd rather just fade into the wallpaper when I'm around folks I don't really know. When the kids were all seated for lunch, I tried to get around to all the moms and ask them to point out their children so I can start making that connection at least. I don't really feel like I got to make any real conversations aside from the "How old are your children?" and "How long have you been homeschooling?" But it was sort of hard when I was having to be there for Reece. I hope everyone understood.

The Glasers said...

I am glad to see Reece recovered from her disappointment about the band. It is wonderful that she managed to persist. Ages ago, we would have left and not returned. Being able to get back into the party is a big step!!!