Monday, February 25, 2008

Sing a song

Last night was choir for Reece again. We missed choir last week because there were tornado warnings in the area and she was very anxious and worried about the storms. I was also not sure about getting out in such weather... I grew up in "tornado alley"! I have a healthy fear of the power of such storms! :)

So I was a bit nervous about how she would do at choir, having missed last week. I was pleasantly surprised! She went right in and sat down to color. The lady who is does the actual singing lessons part came into our classroom to ask me how I felt about how Reece is doing. I told her I thought it was great, that our only problems are in the transitions, but that I suspect that will get easier as she gets more used to the routine of it all. She informed me that some things will be changing as they start preparing the children to sing on the stage in the worship center in April. She said I could sit up on the stage with Reece, if that will help. The other teachers will be on the stage as well, so I wouldn't look out of place. I would just look like another teacher. We'll see how it goes!

Last night there was a change in the routine and Reece handled it marvelously! The 4 year old classes came in to learn some movements to a few of the songs the children will do in the program in April. Reece got a little upset because her friend wanted to sit somewhere else with another of her friends. Everything ended up being OK. Reece was able to pick up the movements to the songs easily! They even changed one of the movements after teaching it to the kids and finding it to be too difficult for the younger children... she had no problem with that either! It was awesome! She was so proud of herself!

There was just one part where she had a problem, and that was when it was time to learn a brand new song. Reece started to cry that she didn't know this song, and try as I might to explain that nobody knew the new song, she wouldn't stop crying. She said she didn't like the new song and she would never sing it. It all boils down to a lack of competence... it's amazing how clearly it presents itself these days! The moment she didn't feel competent (even though none of the other kids were competent either!), she had a meltdown.

Then it was time to move on to using instruments and playing the beanbag games, and she was back to her regular happy self! She chose a different instrument this time, which was exciting for me! I like it that she doesn't feel a need to keep the instruments static. In fact, this was a brand new instrument that she had never seen before at choir! She went right for it! It was a loud instrument though, and the classroom got very noisy. I was a little concerned, but she didn't react to the noise any worse than some of the other children!

It was a great experience for both of us! I think as she gets more used to the new song, she will start enjoying it like she enjoys the other songs she has learned. And she learns them so quickly... they are nice and easy, fun songs! It is so nice to see Reece be able to handle these new social situations! Today I only had to get involved during the meltdown with the new song. The rest of the time, I just sat in the back of the classroom and observed. She just took part in class like she had been doing it her whole life! She even played with the blocks with a boy she didn't really know!

Way to go, Reece!

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The Glasers said...

I am so excited for Reece! Music is a great way to connect to people, especially if you move. Often, the first friend I make after a move are in the choir. You can take your voice anywhere and sing! :-)