Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RDA update

Today was RDA3 for Reece. I have been really anxious about this one. I still have bad memories from her last RDA3. I put the link to my blog post about it, in case you need a quick refresher. I think that was quite possibly the lowest of the low points. It was rough, and it took a very long time to get through for me.

So I think it was natural for me to be uneasy about what today might bring. And to add to my stress, we got stuck in traffic again (surprise, surprise) and we were 10 minutes late. Come to find out, I had written our appointment time down wrong and actually we were 20 minutes early. So it all worked out.

Dh started with Reece first, and then it was my turn after about 30 minutes. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it because he had to get on to work, but our consultant-in-training said that she did really well with him. I was glad to hear that, but I was still apprehensive about what our time together might bring.

I was so pleased! We did most everything non-verbally which last time caused her to meltdown in the corner, which caused ME to meltdown! LOL This time she responded very nicely and, the couple of times she was confused, she referenced me nicely. She was going through a stage where she would get angry when she realized we were doing "no words" (as she called it), but that seems to have passed! We had an absolutely lovely 30 minutes together!

I really am starting to see some positive results from all of our hard work with RDI. You know, it was so scary in the fall last year to decide to put all of our focus on RDI, backing off academics for a season. I was grateful to re-discover the CM philosophy as a way to continue with academics in an RDI-friendly way. Yet, I was still concerned deep down. It seemed that we were backing off academics, and weren't seeing any progress with RDI either. In fact, it seemed for many months that Reece was just having one regression after another. It was frightening and frustrating.

I think now we are starting to reap the rewards of that decision! It's a wonderful feeling! It seems like every time I turn around I am finding some new thing that Austin or Reece is doing. Or realizing that something that was difficult a few months ago is all of a sudden not an issue!

I just couldn't be more thankful for RDI, for Charlotte Mason, and for everyone who has helped us through this last 9-10 months!


Lisa Quing said...

SO VERY GLAD it went well! I love hearing all the good news emanating from your house lately! (emanating is a 'school word'. HEHE

Guess what word was in our read-aloud book today? RIVULETS! Thought of you, dear! ;-)

poohder said...

Tears here again!! What a blessing!
Praise God!!

The Glasers said...

My heart is brimming with joy and singing for you!!!!!