Saturday, February 16, 2008


My home has been in dire need of decluttering for quite a while. There never seems to be enough time to do this, though. I'm sure you know what I mean! A few months ago the kids were out of the house with daddy for a few hours and I began the decluttering with the DVDs and videos. Those have sat in black garbage bags in our master bedroom since then. Lovely, huh?

So today, it was 68 degrees outside which meant the kids were outside and enjoying themselves. And dh was home in the afternoon so he could load up anything I could part with and take it to Goodwill! When might this happen again?

I attacked the bookcases with a vengeance. I decluttered by getting rid of most of the twaddle. Charlotte Mason and I probably have a somewhat different definition of twaddle, because Dr. Suess, and most of the Angelina Ballerina are staying on for a few more years. But the Magic Tree House, Franklin series, and others like those are now gone. It doesn't mean that Reece won't read those one day. It just means they aren't worth taking up space on my limited bookshelf space. She will have to check them out from the library! The Twilight series and my Janet Evanovich books will remain. Mommy is allowed her twaddle. LOL

I also made a big pile of books to sell at the next curriculum sale I can find. I am getting rid of things that just don't mesh with our philosophy of education any longer. I hope to get some money from these books that will help pay for next year's books! :)

Russ and Austin loaded up the truck, and took it all to Goodwill for me. The bookshelves look so nice, and the floor around them is all cleared up (except for the box of books that I wish to sell). And I feel like I've been very productive today. :)


Lisa Quing said...

Oooh, you were productive! Did you tell me you were going to do that? Cuz I also got jiggy with my bookshelves today. lol I weeded out a small pile to get rid of and reorganized the shelves by subject.

Good for you! Selling anything I might like?

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i keep trying to trim 'em down but I think the books mate in the middle of the night. be on the lookout for that;)

The Glasers said...

Jennifer, if you have not checked out Paperbackswap and SwapADVD, you might be able to replace twaddle with the good stuff . . . :-)

Of course, if you want cold hard cash, that is another matter!

Niffercoo said...

Queen Mum: I'll be on the lookout for the mating books! My history shelves seem to be especially prone to doing that! :)

Tammy: I haven't tried PBS, though LisaQuing has been telling me about her success with it for years. It's just so hard to do the post office with 3 children. I've never heard of the DVD one though. I already sent dh to Goodwill with this load, so they will hopefully bless someone else. And my curriculum waits for a sale, which will hopefully come in the spring... bringing that cold hard cash with it so I can buy some more AO books! :)

poohder said...

Jennifer, I am NOT a PBS user yet, but I did look at it extensively. I think you don't HAVE to go to the post office. I think you can print the mailing labels, wrappers and postage from their site. Rhonda