Monday, February 04, 2008

Notes from RDA1

Friday was RDA1 for Austin and Reece. It is the first part of the Relationship Development Assessment, and is standardized. There are 10 activities (I believe), and we work it out so that the child works with one parent for 10-15 minutes, then the other parent for the remainder (a little more than an hour). This is our 2nd time through the RDA process, so this time my dh would be the parent to do the majority of the work with the kids. He took the afternoon off, and we scheduled both children back-t0-back, which was convenient but also really exhausting for daddy and children.

Reece started, and I went back with her. I thought it went very well, and I can't wait to hear what our consultant thought about it, too. She really seemed to want to be with me, and accepted direction and changes much better than she did during the last RDA. Dh said she only had one meltdown with him and it lasted a matter of minutes.

While Reece and Daddy were together, I took Austin to get some lunch. Then we came back and he played with his PSP for awhile. I wanted to get his focus back from the screen so we read some Sports Illustrated together. By the time it was Austin's turn, he had been hanging out in the waiting room for a good hour. And he was wired.

I didn't feel like my part of the RDA with Austin went as well as it did last time, or as well as it would have had he not been sitting for so long. He was very excited and, since he is so strong, he was a bit rough with me. I decided that we needed some sensory integration, and FAST! So we did some hiding under the bean bags with mom laying on top, and then we did some leap frogging around the room using the bean bags as lilipads. I guess it worked, because when I spoke with dh after Austin's RDA was over, he said it went really well.

This week we have RDA2, again scheduled on the same day. It's not the best for the kids, but the drive is so far to our consultant, with gas so expensive, we have to conserve time and money. This time it's just the consultant with child, so I have to just find something to do with the other child while we wait. Riley will again be at a playdate with a friend! :)

I probably won't have an update of RDA2, unless our consultant has something cute to share!

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The Glasers said...

I keep thinking about the rainbow meltdowns--wow!!! You must be excited.

I think you were wise to do the SI stuff with Austin. I bet it made a difference in his level of comfort!!!