Monday, February 18, 2008

Go Fish

Riley is at dance class, and Austin's enjoying his time alone with Reece. He volunteered to play Go Fish with her with her new Littlest Pet Shop game she got for Valentine's Day. He's having to exhibit a good deal of patience!

Austin: Do you have a 2?

Reece: No, but I have a 5!

Austin: Don't tell me what you have.

Reece: But you asked me!

Austin: I was asking because it's part of the game. Now it's your turn.

Reece: Do you have a 2?

Austin: You just said you don't have a 2!

Reece: I don't have a 2! But you have a 2.

Austin: OK, my turn. Do you have a 3?

Reece: I TOLD you! I have a 5!

Somehow, they have managed to play the whole game! But I'm laughing my head off in the other room! I wish I could manage to get the video camera on in there without them being aware of it! Only with Reece would Austin exhibit such incredible patience, understanding, and sort-of flexibility! :)


Lisa Quing said...

How sweet is that?! And how adorably exasperating! ROFL

The Glasers said...

That is priceless!!!!!