Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A 3 Motrin Day?

Riley: "Can I have some ice cream?"

Mom: "Sure, when you come inside."

Riley: "Why can't I have some now?"

Mom: "Now you will have none."

Riley: "Why can't I have some?"

Mom: "Because I've spoken to you over the last 3 weeks about not talking back to adults."

Riley: "I don't think I'm talking back!" (said with a completely innocent look on her face)

Mom walks away and takes a Motrin.

15 minutes later, Mom hears the wind really kick up and looks out back for the kids. Can't find Reece.

Mom: "Austin, do you see Reece?"

Austin: "She's right over there, climbing the tree." (pointing to Reece)

Mom: "OK, just make sure she doesn't blow away now!" (chuckling)

Austin: "OK, I will." (runs over, grabs Reece out of the tree, and holds her right next to him.)

Mom goes for another motrin.

It's only 2:30. Will this be a 3 motrin day?


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Pity me...i can not take motrin!

Lisa Quing said...

So, did you need another?

You know, reading a good book can really help with stress. I wonder if you have anything good to read. ;-)

The Glasers said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Your kids are great! :-)