Friday, January 18, 2008

Week in Review: 1/14-18

This has been a very good week, full of excitement and activity and enjoyment!

We all enjoyed our learning this week. Riley and I read The Water Horse, Austin began The Matchlock Gun, and Reece read 2 more of the Calvert Kindergarten Early Phonics readers. Austin will continue his book for one more week, but I need a new book for Riley. Will have to look at my list. Reece has 6 more of the Calvert readers, I think, then she will move on to the Sonlight reading list that both of my big kids have read through. It doesn't seem possible that she is already reading this well!

Austin took a math test and began the 2nd to last division lesson in his MUS Delta book (there are a few more lessons after that, but they involve volume, roman numerals, and intro to fractions). On his test, he found the area of a trapezoid all on his own! :) Reece decided she wanted to learn about place value up through hundreds. She's a bit confused when there is a 0 in the tens or ones, but we've got plenty of time. Riley worked on her 7s times tables, and did multiple digit multiplication and long division in her Singapore Primary Math 3A book. She is nearly finished with that book, and will move on to 3B soon. Grammar, writing, and spelling rounded out our academic portion of the day.

We've deviated from the Ambleside schedule a bit for science because I wanted us to do a human body study while it's cold outside. We read the Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, which is really too easy for the big kids, but so much fun! I think it was Reece's first exposure to the Magic School Bus and she was thrilled! We drew the outlines of our bodies, and put them on the wall. Reece went back and drew and outline of her favorite Little Pet Shop character and taped it on her outline. Next week, we'll begin learning about a body system... but I haven't determined yet which one.

In history we learned about Good Queen Bess and more about Martin Luther. The kids connected Good Queen Bess back to Bloody Mary, her cousin, even though we hadn't read about that in well over a month! Pretty cool! My only 'thing' with history via AO is the super slow pace. I would really like to finish American History this winter/spring and then go back with a 4 year history rotation, but if I do that, it won't be planned out for me. Guess I need to think on that some more.

The kids have just about max'ed out their learning potential for the Spanish/French CDrom. But wow, have they enjoyed it! I need to figure out what to do next for their languages. Reece has enjoyed watching each of them do their language CDs, and she can now count to 10 in Spanish and say the beginning of the alphabet in French! LOL

Our lunch-time read aloud has been The Tale of Despereaux and we are thoroughly enjoying it! We listen on audio CD, and I can already tell this will be one the kids listen to over and over. We will finish it this week, as I've been dragging out the suspense in order to drive the children crazy! LOL Actually, it's more of a technique to keep them very interested!

We even read a chapter in our art history book from Hillyer (Calvert school headmaster and author of A Child's History of the World): A Child's Story of Art- Painting. Now that is a good week when you get to art history! LOL

In addition to all of this, we had 5 dance classes, a coffee club gig for daddy, snow/ice, and an RDI appointment for mom and dad. And we're all still in one piece!

I'm going to go for now, but I'm going to start a post about the really neat and encouraging things that have happened this week and post it tomorrow. :)


lisaquing said...

What a productive and rewarding week!

Jan said...

Sounds like a fabulous week!! YEAH!

poohder said...

I am such a slug, compared to you!!
Do you have a schedule that you sorta follow? If you feel like sharing,I would love to borrow from your inspiration. If so, just shoot it to my inbox. Thanks Rhonda

The Glasers said...

I love weeks like that!!! I can't wait for your exciting post (RDA stuff, I bet).

Kathy said...

ok, Im thinking of signing Grace up for Dance class...what should I look for?


Niffercoo said...

Kathy, I prefer a Christian dance studio for 2 reasons: (1) The focus is on dancing for the Lord and honoring Him in everything, and (2) The style of music and costumes for recitals is more in keeping with #1. Riley took dance at another place when she was 4, and the costumes were quite revealing (even on little girls), the music some classes danced to was raunchy, and the older girls were required to weigh in. You might check the larger churches in your area and see if any of them offer a dance ministry, and then from there ask where the dancers train. I found this one because it's at the church where our first hs co-op met, and the worship leader has sung with my dh in the wedding bands. Hope this helps a bit! Jennifer