Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some encouragement for me

1. I had to take our library books back because they were due and we weren't going to have time to get to the library to check out more. I asked Austin to get his books gathered for me. He brought them in and then asked, "Could I look at them one more time before you take them back?" I said sure, and he sat down and looked at them again! It made my heart so happy! He is not a reader, though he loves stories. He tends to pick non-fiction books, like DK Eyewitness books, with lots of pictures and unconnected text. And he doesn't really sit and read like Riley does. So I was thrilled he was going to 'miss' those books.

2. Austin started a new math lesson on Friday. One thing that I have noticed in his math learning is a reflection of his lack of understanding the concept of "same, but different". When he gets to a new math lesson, he doesn't see the similarities (concept being taught bit by bit building on itself) that make MUS a strong program. So the last 4 lessons at least, I have really been declarative about how this new lesson is very much like the last one, just _____ is added. I finally saw the fruits of that labor. The lesson was dividing a single digit into a 4-digit number. He has done single digit into 2 and 3 digits, as well as (most recently) double digits into a 3 digit number. So I thought that going back to a single digit divisor should be easy for him... but you never know. We watched the lesson together as always and he sat next to me to do the first page. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see what he would do if he got confused (our last RDI objective LOL). Well... he didn't get confused! He flew right through it! And about 3 problems into it, he exclaimed, "This is just like I've done before, but with thousands instead of just hundreds!" YES YES YES!!! WOOHOO!

3. Riley declared her favorite subject to be grammar and that diagramming sentences is "the best thing ever for school"!

4. Reece is so anxious to be involved in learning with us! She will come to me wherever I am, holding her pencil, and say, "I'm ready now!" She is started to see herself as a reader, which is what I really wanted for her, and which is why I'm doing her phonics lessons in a way that she doesn't realize they are lessons! LOL She even read "Play Hard" off of Austin's shirt the other night... though I must give credit for her reading the word "play" to the Webkinz website log-in process! ;)

5. I mentioned in my review post that the kids recalled "Bloody Mary" when we started talking about "Good Queen Bess". We haven't done much history since before Christmas, so for them to remember her and that she was called "bloody" Mary and why, and that Elizabeth was in prison --- that was so exciting as a homeschool parent. Sometimes you wonder if anyone is learning anything, especially since we switched to CM/AO this year and it's a little nerve-wracking to not do as much writing.

6. The kids were totally excited about starting their human body outlines! I decided to use the more simple patterns to fill it up, but I think the kids will still get alot out of it. And we'll be reading and watching alot of educational DVDs to round it out! I just love to see them getting excited. Riley even said, "Mom thanks so much for doing science with us!" Who wouldn't love that??

That's all of the homeschooling-related stuff. Tomorrow I have a long post about our RDI progress, which is also encouraging. I'm blogging about it mostly so that I can remember it myself. It helps so much when we are going through the hard things like we've been through the last month or two! I can see that at the end of the tunnel there is light and usually some good progress to be found.

And I'm still TRUSTing in the Lord! :)

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Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Dang you do a TON girl! Seriously.... this is GREAT! What great accomplishments. pat yourself on the back!