Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today, we did our school work in the morning, and my friend brought her daughters over (ages 5 and 2) for me to babysit while she went to a luncheon in honor of her husband, a local detective. We were talking when she came back to pick up the girls, and Reece kept interrupting me, saying she wants to play "Memory" with me. It was highly frustrating! I kept telling her I would be right there, and she kept saying, "I want you to play with me!"

Then it sort of dawned on me... she wants me to play with her! That's really cool! Memory is a game that is easily played by yourself, without having anyone to play with. But she was waiting for me to play with her! Wow!

We had a nice time playing... she pouted a few times that I was winning. @@ Of course, I talked way too much! LOL But it was a nice time playing together, when she could have chosen to do it by herself! And also, she initiated playing the game... it was in our game cabinet! Pretty nice!


The Glasers said...

That is BIG!!! I mean that is the whole difference between emotion sharing and not emotion sharing. Playing a game is not emotion sharing if the person is just as happy playing it on their own. But, Reece wanted to play WITH you and it was not good enough to play it alone!


JamBerry said...

I love it when those things happen! I was again enjoying myself today watching Jman at a BK play wanting to play with the two much younger kids there instead of doing his own thing. It still blows me away, because it sooo didn't use to be that way!