Friday, January 04, 2008

The lesson

They got off the plane, dropped off the luggage, and headed over to the field to do the lesson with retired pitcher Robb Nen. Apparently, Mr. Nen is a wonderful guy and was very kind to Austin and his cousin, Rhett. Mr. Nen also commented positively on Austin's pitching form, which made a certain daddy/coach very proud! :)

How cool to be getting technique tips from a major leaguer who has pitched in the world series!!
Mr. Nen also brought his son with him (I'm assuming that is the young man who is catching here), who plays baseball for a college team. Dh said he was a really great guy, and apparently will be playing pro baseball himself! We'll be watching for information about him!
Here is Mr. Nen with my nephew Rhett (age 9.5) and Austin (age 11.5):
I tried to get details from Austin about the lesson, but he was so excited (and probably a bit exhuasted) that all I got was alot of statistics! LOL I'm sure he'll have the experience sharing part of it when he gets home and has time to think about it! Thanks Mr. Nen for a great time for my boys, and thanks to my SIL and BIL for giving this wonderful gift to Austin!

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lisaquing said...

I imagine this was a dream come true for Austin! Hang in there, Jen!