Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a winter wonderland!

Shortly before dark this evening it started to snow here in Atlanta, Georgia! It's been such a long time since it snowed Reece doesn't even remember snow at all, and she is almost 6 years old! I took some videos and pictures until it got too dark!

Here the kids are watching the snow stick to the trash can and not melt!
The girls are running around like crazy because it's snowing:
The snowflakes were huge!

It snowed for almost 2 hours, and then it stopped. I think we might get some more, but that remains to be seen. I told the kids that if the public schools were closed tomorrow, we would have a snow day as well! :) If the snow is still around in the morning, I'll take more pictures and post them!


lisaquing said...

Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!

The Glasers said...

Be glad there is not enough to shovel (what I hated about snow in Minnesota)!

Your kids look like they are having a blast!!!!

Alison said...

hey I thought you said you didn't have warm enough clothes to go outside in the cold in..LOL.. girl send them kid sout when it's REALLY's good for