Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exciting progress

Tonight, dh was playing at the coffee club again. We all enjoy going to hear him play! Tonight, we got a special bonus: some interesting evidence of progress in Reece.

Reece was sitting on my lap while I was talking to one of the back-up singers (a lady from church, who Reece doesn't know well). Reece got my attention and asked, "Mommy, may I sit on her lap?" I told her she would need to ask the other lady. She did, and the other lady took her onto her lap with a big smile.

This may seem like nothing, but it is HUGE! Six months ago, Reece would have just climbed onto the other lady's lap without asking her at all, let alone without checking with ME first! I was so excited!

Stranger awareness (or a lack thereof) has been a major concern of mine when it comes to Reece. You know, now that I think of it, she demonstrated another awareness of this that I didn't even think of until right now. One of dh's best friends was there tonight playing the drums. He doesn't leave near us, so the kids and I haven't seen him in probably 18 months. He adores children, and he kept getting Reece's attention and talking to her. Six months ago, she would have climbed up into his lap and talked his ear off! Tonight, she was quite leery of him... smiling a polite smile and answering his questions, but not really giving him her full attention!

This is cool stuff! It makes me so pleased!


lisaquing said...

I love to hear these positive stories!

The Glasers said...

Snoopy dancing for Reece and all of you!!!! I bet you are going to be able to relax more now that Reece is starting to have a healthy wariness toward strangers and acquaintances.