Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have another post I've been working on, but it's quite personal and I need to pray more about it and make sure it's exactly what I want it to say before I post it. So it's not that I've been ignoring my blog, just not ready for publishing!

What else has been going on at the BPA:

1. Reece attended both Children's Church and Children's Choir on Sunday! She did very well during both activities, and rebounded from them fairly easily.

2. I went to a meeting on Monday night for the moms of a homeschool group. A mom from Reece's dance class invited me. It was very nice, and I'm glad I went. Most of the moms had oldest children who were about 5-7! It was strange to be the experienced mom! I came home feeling quite old when I realized I'd been homeschooling longer than many of them have been parents! ;) I think we may join this group for their field trips and activities!

3. We've been pressing on with Week 12 in AO! It's going well, but I haven't been able to video the narrations like I wanted to. For some reason, this week has felt very busy so far!

4. We went bowling today at the new place near our home. The kids were given gift cards for Christmas, so we didn't have to pay for anything. We bowled two games and, despite me starting off with a strike, Austin "owned us" (in his almost teenager speak).

5. I went to the gym yesterday and had a great workout! :) Will be going again tomorrow! My goal is only 3 pounds away, and I've got 5 weeks to do it!

I'll be around again for our weekly review on Friday, but it will be later. The kids have RDA1 on Friday afternoon, so I won't be home until the evening, and probably will be completely exhausted! LOL


lisaquing said...

WTG on the weight! Keep it up!

The Glasers said...

Only three pounds left? Only a concrete-sequential can make keeping New Year's resolutions look easy!