Monday, December 17, 2007

Riley's ornament

This year we learned how to make beaded Christmas ornaments from a mom in Reece's ballet class. Reece's class made ornaments for their teacher (well, really the moms mostly did it!), and Riley saw what we were doing and wanted to make one for her dance teacher, too!

It is very long, tedious work... something which Riley is not known for. But she finally finished it today! It looks beautiful and I know her teacher will love it!

Here is a closer picture. The ball form is styrofoam, and you put either 3 seed beads or one long bead on a straight pin, followed by a sequin. You use a tassel to make the hanger. Like I said, it's a long process, but it makes for a beautiful ornament!


lisaquing said...

It's lovely! The teacher will adore it!

The Glasers said...

That is beautiful and I do not think I have the patience for it!

Way to go Riley!!!! She looks like a born crafter!!!

Alison said...

Very pretty!!!