Monday, December 03, 2007

Riley, Sugar Plum Fairy

There are 2 videos following this post so be sure to scroll down to check those out!

The fairies passed out programs to the people coming to see the show!

Here is a picture of Riley during the Fairies' Dance:
Here is a very tired fairy after the performance:


Kathy said...

How precious! So beautiful!


lisaquing said...

She's adorable!

The Glasers said...

You must be very proud and very tired! Riley danced beautifully!

I am amazed at how many children are in the cast! (I live in a town with 4,000 people.) WOW!

Niffercoo said...

Thank you, Kathy and Lisa for your comments! I'm so proud of Riley, and I think she looked so beautiful and happy (I may be biased! lol).

Tammy, this church where Riley does choir has around 12,000 weekly attendance, I believe. We also play baseball there and they had a special needs respite for parents once a month. In the past, Austin and Riley went to preschool there, and they also did AWANA there too a few years ago. It's really our church away from church! ;) Also, this is just the choir for 2nd-5th grades! There is a choir for 3-4 year olds, a choir for K-1st, a middle school choir, and a high school choir! It's a REALLY big church!