Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reece's dance videos

I'm gonna brag here for a moment, so you're going to need to deal with it, or skip to the next blog! :)

Here are some videos from Reece's dance parent watch days. There will be 3 video total, once I get them all uploaded!

The first two are from tap class, and I have to say that the more I watch these the more impressed I am with her. This is a child who is extremely sensitive to noises, and she not only goes into this class with 9 other girls, who all have taps on their shoes. She also handles the loud music and the verbal instructions coming from everywhere! (I will say that they added an additional teenage 'teacher' to help out in the class... at no cost to me!) The fact that she can handle all of that is amazing enough! That she hangs in there with the class and holds her own?? That's icing on the cake!

Reece is on the very end... the 2 girls to her right are her 'best friends' in this class, and are both very delightful little girls who tend to mother Reece! :)

This next video is from ballet class. She may appear to you to be a little less 'on' during this video and she is, for good reason. This was the last dance they did in ballet, which was 90 minutes from the beginning of her tap class. They have 30 minutes of ballet, followed by an hour of tap. That's alot for any 5 year old, let alone one with Reece's special needs. But she still does a really good job!

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The Glasers said...

Reece is amazing! Pamela could not have made it through five minutes at that age, much less what Reece can do. She pays attention so well and her ability to imitate is wonderful!