Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A lovely day!

I don't have pictures from my mom's camera yet, so I can't tell the story in pictures. But this was the best Christmas we have ever had. The kids were all very excited, happy with all of their presents, and full of gratitude. Reece woke up first, and for the first time ever, she opened all of her presents! Riley was up shortly after Reece, and then we had to drag Austin out of bed! Austin got a slow start because of being such a sleepyhead! It was really a lovely day! I'll remember it forever! :)

Here they are in front of the fire on Christmas Eve:


lisaquing said...

Glad it turned out so well! The kids look adorable.

The Glasers said...

Every year, Christmas has gotten more and more easy to manage for Pamela! I am so excited for you that Reece made a major leap in her ability to open presents! :-)

Your crew looks so happy. . . you'll be pleased that I bought Pirates of the Caribbean III for my niece!