Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas break

No videos or pictures in this blog post! Is that cheering I hear??

Today was our last day of school until January 7th! Yes, that is cheering YOU hear! I am ready for a long break!

Some notable happenings in the late fall at the Black Pearl Academy:

1. Austin has pretty much tackled long division by a single divisor. Sometimes he wakes up forgetting how to do it, but a quick review gets him back on track. He is struggling with grammar still. Since Riley is getting grammar so easily, I'm going to chalk this up to being an autism thing. With middle school looming a few months away, I won't deny being concerned about his progress. If I've learned nothing else, though, it's that I can't rush him. We just keep plugging along, and it will click for him at some point!

2. Riley has been flying through her lessons, and she's doing excellently. She has tackled long division, and though she thinks it's "hard" she has no trouble with it at all! She's also doing excellently with grammar. She's diagramming adjectives and adverbs with ease, and seems to enjoy it! She's an easy child to teach... my struggle with her is that I get aggravated that she takes so long to do things that are so easy for her. And I know it bothers me more because things are so hard for Austin.

3. Reece has really made some great strides in her reading. She no longer sounds out most words by individual letter out loud... she will sound it out silently and then say it out loud. And there are many 3 letter words she knows by sight now. The simple text with pictures allows us alot of opportunity for experience sharing! She still is crazy about math, which cracks me up! I need to work more on her handwriting, though, because she loves to write, and in lieu of me working with her, she's making it up and developing some bad habits! I think it's safe to say that she's ready for Kindergarten now! LOL

I intend to spend the week after New Years making my plans for the remainder of the school year. We have a very busy end-of-winter/early spring coming up, and the more I can get planned now during the break, the less stress it will mean for me later. Here are a few of the areas I know that I need to tackle:

1. I know that I want to add more writing for both Austin and Riley, but I haven't decided exactly how that will look.

2. I need to plan out science... I had purchased books for a human body study before we jumped into CM, and I'm going to go ahead and use those before I purchase anything else. I will probably purchase the Apologia elementary Astronomy book to use during the late spring/summer.

3. I need to plan out some read-alouds for Reece. She did much better with the structure I implemented for her in late November, so I want to keep that structure in place. Her reading is also coming along nicely, so I want to figure out what to have her read once she is finished with the phonics readers she is using now.

4. Both Austin and Riley have asked to resume spelling lessons. Yeah, strange children, I know! We'll pick that up in January.

Assuming those 4 things don't take all week, I would like to outline my plans for next year. I won't be going to the GHEA convention in May like I usually do, so I'll be having to order everything online. I would like to get everything here by the end of June so I can plan it all out in July. It wouldn't be so much of an issue if we didn't have this extremely busy spring coming up! It will start the first of March and not let up until June. :)

But for now, I'm putting all school-related things out of my mind until after the new year! I intend to enjoy the craziness of Christmas, and my family! :)

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