Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten Not-So-Good Reasons

The following things are NOT good enough reasons to send dh to Houston for a vasectomy reversal so we can have another baby? Right?!

1. Maya Wrap now has a lightly padded sling, which is the coolest thing ever invented!

2. I could give a girl the middle name of Isabella (Bella) or a boy the middle name of Edward. That would be a reference to the Twilight books again. :)

3. Everybody else is having babies.

4. I've had great first names picked out for 3 years: Reagan for a girl, Avery for a boy. Reagan Isabella.... Avery Edward. Absolutely fantastic!! (see #2 above)

5. Austin really wants a baby brother... he asked for one for his birthday. It's so sweet to see him around little babies, especially boys.

6. 3 is an odd number... we're off balance.

7. Riley is so nurturing and maternal now. She was not pleased when she was 3 and Reece was born. It would be so lovely to see her with a baby now!

8. Reece has always loved babies! :)

9. We're already doing zone defense... what's one more??

10. I've nursed a baby before, so it would be easier this time around!

11. Trying to Conceive = FUN!

OK, I'd better stop there.

I don't want another baby. I don't want another baby. I don't want another baby.

Really I don't! I promise!

But if one just happened to show up... I wouldn't pitch a fit! ;)


Lil Sadie Homemaker said...

Oh, I think it's time for a blog fundraiser!

Jan said...

STOP IT!!!! LOL!!!! You can't have another one... then I'd have to have another one too! LOL!

Heather Pritchett said...

I love even numbers! LOL! :)

The Glasers said...

Take number 12 off the last. That is true no matter what the outcome . . .

JamBerry said...

I say, Go for it!!! :)

The DH she's talking about said...

What about MY feelings!?!? Does anyone care about MY feelings?!?

Come to think of it, I'll do it for a couple of dugout seats to the Braves opener.....Any takers?

lisaquing said...

#1 - A new Maya wrap would be cool, but not a good enough reason.
#2 - What about Jack? Will? lol
#3 - NOT ME!!! NOT ME!!!
#4 - Point conceded.
#5 - Sadly, we don't always get everything on our wish lists.
#6 - Another good point. I like having 4. Three didn't seem like enough.
#7 - See your point #3 - everyone else's babies.
#8 - See my comment #7.
#9 - huh?
#10 - This one is true.
#11 - Ahem.

Anonymous said...

Oh you forgot some things...
How about the way their heads smell- oh and their breath.
And the way they stop nursing and look at you and smile.
And the itty bitty clothes.
Maybe dh could schledlue his trip to TX when the braves are playing there then you could scratch off one park you want to visit!
(8 things)

sjcoffie said...

Odd numbers are great!! (We have 5) I do love those names. Next time Micah is having rough day and just wants to be held the entire day, I'll give you a call. :-)