Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RDI with Reece

I thought I would share a segment from one of our recent RDI sessions. Our objective with Reece right now involves her feeling the difference between when we are engaged and when we are not engaged. Because of her recent regression, I have to keep a very close Zone of Connection (distance from each other). Also, all we are focusing on is the pattern of our interaction, and not what she is doing. She has started the same pattern of focusing on not being 'good enough' when compared to how I did something, so right now, as long as she is in the pattern with me, it doesn't matter if she colors exactly what I'm coloring. Also, we are completely non-verbal, because with her (and with Austin) as soon as we start including language, they both check out!

This is 5 months into RDI, and as you can see, it's far from perfect. I am completely uncomfortable with the slow pace and lack of language. And I know our consultant will come back with "Too Fast!" when she gives us feedback! LOL If yu would like to give me feedback, or if you'd like to ask questions, I welcome both!

I'm going to load a video with Austin next, while we're watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! :)


poohder said...

Niffercoo, I think you did a wonderful job of keeping Reece connected. I love how you held on to the crayon, until she glanced at you and shared with you. I wasn't expecting her to be so connected. I think you all are doing wonderful.

The Glasers said...

I have to laugh! I kept turning up my volume to try to figure what was wrong until I read you were being non-verbal on purpose . . .

I loved the clip because you and Reece were very playful. I liked how you used some anticipation by slowing dropping the candle into her hands while Reece was watching. I think it was very smart to limit it to one color because of her devotion to rainbow order!

Bravo! Even if the consultant finds imperfections in your reactions, keep in mind the life is MESSI! :-P

Niffercoo said...

Reece was really 'on' during this segment! I want to upload another segment from a few days later when we were using white playdoh. It was a different kind of playdoh (Crayola Fusion... cool stuff), and she was so wrapped up in the newness of it and the cool texture, it was hard to get her to be with me. She's still very inconsistent! And as soon as we introduce language into the interaction... she's totally gone! LOL