Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pics as promised

The angel... costume designed and made by Riley herself:
Atlanta Braves baseball player (not sure what the hand thing is about lol):
And the black kitty cat:
My trick or treaters:


lisaquing said...

ADORABLE!!! Riley, you did a great job! Austin, my kids make that same hand sign! Reece, I wanted Suzy to be a black kitty like you were, but she insisted on being a princess instead.

poohder said...

I love the picture of your kids all together, It's just TOOO cute!

The Glasers said...

You have such cute kids!!! The picture of the three of them together is so heartwarming. That's one to tuck in your wallet on days when they are driving you crazy!

And talented too! We are all thumbs when it comes to crafts in my house! I think it is genetic!