Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One of those days

Sometimes it feels to me like we never have this kind of day, so I'm going to make sure and write out as many of the details as I can. It will help me remember that we DO have this kind of day on that kind of day when I'm feeling miserable.

We had to be out of the house way too early this morning, to go for Reece's post-op check of her ears. It's only 20 miles away, give or take a few miles, but there is no direct way to get there, and we would be battling rush hour. This morning, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive those 20 miles. Don't you wish you lived in Atlanta?? ;) In and out in 30 minutes... the verdict is that the left ear has completely healed, but the right ear is being a pest and hasn't fully healed yet. Not realizing this was a possibility, I had promised the children we would go swimming this afternoon. Yikes. Austin cried when the nurse said no swimming for 4 more weeks until we go back for another recheck. I felt dreadful.

On the way home, the weatherman on the radio said that our high today would be around 80, but tomorrow's high would only be in the mid 50s. I made an executive decision and pointed our minivan in the direction of one of our favorite parks. The children call this the 'train park' because it is right next to a very busy train track. We first went to this park when Austin was a toddler and we lived down the street. We have since moved 15 miles away, so we rarely go anymore. Also, it's a park perfectly designed and sized for toddlers, so it's somewhat boring --- except for the trains!

When we arrived there was one little boy there with his mom. She asked how old the kids are, Austin told her we homeschool, a train came by. All was going fairly well. The park started to fill up a bit more, lots and lots of babies and toddlers. Riley found herself a toddler girl and played babysitter. The toddler would grab Ri's finger and drag her where she wanted her to go! Austin stayed off by himself for the most part, the noise and chaos of all of those toddlers was a bit much for him. But he would come over and talk to me or another adult, or even to try to engage one of the little boys playing in the sand. Reece found a lady who looked very much like one of our friends, and asked her, "Are you Miss A?" and the lady said, "No, I'm afraid I'm not." and Reece replied, "I didn't think so. I didn't see your boy and your girl, if you are Miss A, and you're not. But you look like Miss A. You have the same hair, and the same glasses." They, of course, thought she was just adorable.

We spent about 2 hours at the park. It was so rough on me. 2 hours of moms complimenting the children's behavior and kindness towards the smaller children. 2 hours of the first mom telling everyone who came up afterwards that I homeschool these 3 big, polite wonderful children. 2 hours of hearing "Wow, I hope when my kids are older, they are as kind as your children." Seriously, a mom could get used to that sort of thing! LOL

It was time to go, and I was planning to treat everyone to lunch out because of the great attitudes and behavior. They all stopped what they were doing, said random 'goodbyes' (Riley's little toddler sobbed when she left), and we quietly headed for the van. It was fantastic! I complimented everyone on their super behavior, thanked them for being such a blessing to everyone at the park, and got them some fast food! :)

It was a lovely experience! I know all days can't be like this, but I sure did appreciate this one!


poohder said...

What a blessing!! You deserve it.

JamBerry said...

Sometimes I think God gives us Sabbath rests on days other than Sunday! SOOO glad yall had 'one of those days!'

lisaquing said...

Oooh, Jen, great idea to write out a good day to hang on to when the bad days hit. Sounds like a lovely day. Isn't it gratifying to get compliments on your kids?

The Glasers said...

What a wonderful day, and that is a day to treasure in your heart like Mary did!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

What a great day!!! keep that one in your episodic memory for pull out when you need to!