Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas in November

Because we are experiencing a severe drought here in Georgia, dh and I decided to purchase a fake Christmas tree this year, rather than getting a real tree like we do every year. It was a difficult decision because I love the smell of a real Christmas tree, and also we weren't planning on this purchase, so we would have to buy a fake tree with the same money we would spend on a real tree, meaning about $30. Have you seen a $30 fake tree? Well, you will when you scroll down, but it ain't pretty! LOL

So here is the traditional picture of daddy bringing in the tree: (It doesn't have quite the same impact when it's just a box!

Those little branches he is holding are mini-trees that I found at Walmart for $1. I was hoping that having a tree of her own would keep Reece from bothering the big tree --- so far, hasn't helped! ;)

Here is the 2nd traditional picture of the children placing their Hallmark ornaments on the tree. I purchase a dated ornament each year that represents their current interests, and when they grow up and move away, they will take the box of their ornaments with them. This year Austin got an ornament of a Bass fish, Riley got a Barbie Island Princess ornament, and Reece got a Disney princesses dancing at the castle ornament.
And the 3rd traditional picture from tree decorating night - the fully decorated tree. Like I said, it's not pretty! LOL But it's up.

Austin struggled a good bit with the change from real to fake tree. He was declaring this the worst Christmas ever, and he didn't like it and didn't want to be around it. He did get through it though, but he keeps asking if we'll get a real tree next year. I tried to be encouraging and remind him that if we had a real tree, we wouldn't be able to put it up until mid-December! ;) With the fake tree, we get Christmas in November!

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The Glasers said...

We had a couple of shabby Christmases when it cames to trees and budgets (seven kids is a lot to feed and clothe). One year, all of our presents were handmade because my parents could not afford more. But, we still had all of our family traditions: advent wreath, advent calendar, singing carols, reading the gospel, etc. Because my mother focused us upon the reason for the season, we overlooked things like no storebought gifts!

We referenced our parents for reassurance in times like that. They seemed content, so we were content.