Monday, November 05, 2007

Ahhh, glorious Monday

Monday is my favorite day of the week. I know that's backward. :) But the week is new, the lesson plans fresh, and all things are possible!

I have noticed a direct correlation between my hour of wakening and how smoothly our days go. If I get up 'early', the day goes smoothly. If I get up 'late', the day goes poorly. Today I got up 'early'. I use the quotes because I'm speaking of 7 AM, which is early to me now, but wasn't early 5 years ago when Austin had to be at the bus stop at 10 minutes until 7. And it wasn't early 12 years ago when I had to be at work at 15 minutes until 7. But as with anything, it's all in your perspective. And now? 7 AM is early.

So today, I woke up 'early' and was showered and dressed before the children woke up. And we got to work on time. And I got all of the laundry washed/dried/put away. And all of the planned school work was accomplished. And several messes were put away around the house. And we had recess. And Austin rode his bike. And the girls had time to play with their new webkinz. And now we're having rest time with nothing looming over us except Riley's dance class.

It's nice! Wish I wasn't dependent on my getting up 'early' though! LOL What a bummer.


JamBerry said...

too bad 'early' doesn't come later in the day! ;o)

The Glasers said...

Can you believe Pamela automatically gets up early? Both she and Steve do not sleep in unless they are sick. I would rather sleep in until eight every day, but, like you, days go better when I am up early (for me, it's between 6 and 630).