Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


We went with Jan and her kids to the Atlanta History Center to see the Ben Franklin Exhibit! It was wonderful, and we had a great time! We ended up getting a membership, so we will be able to back anytime we want. There was so much that we didn't get to see, and Ben is only going to be in Atlanta until the end of the week!
Here are the kids posing with Ben! Jan got a great pic of the 5 big kids at the counter of Johnny Rockets, where we went for lunch! I linked to her blog above... just click on her name and you can see the pic!
Reece and I had an appointment with our RDI consultant. The big kids were going to come and watch a DVD on my laptop, but my parents called at 9:30 and said they would be here in time to stay with the big kids! They must have left South Carolina at 6 AM to get to us so early! It was a really big help. Reece did much better today, but I tell you, it's so tricky trying to find a groove for her. I have to manage to find a pattern that allows her to feel competent so she doesn't get dysregulated, but it has to provide enough variations so she doesn't get so comfortable that she tries to take control of the interaction. Sounds easy, right? OooooK. LOL
Austin's pitching tonight, but the girls and I are staying home tonight. Which leads me to...
Reece has her surgery tomorrow morning. I didn't want to spend all evening at the ball field and get home late and still have to bathe and everything. It might ending up being for nothing because she may not fall asleep easily, but at least I will have tried. Her surgery isn't until 11:30, and we have to be there at 10:30. She can't eat or drink anything at all. That's going to be more difficult than the anticipation of the surgery. We have talked about what to expect, and I don't think she's going to be too worried, but she will be hungry and thirsty. :(
Dad is taking Austin fishing in the morning, and Mom is taking Riley to do whatever she wants (look out Nana! LOL). Mom brought Reece some presents because she's having surgery, and she brought me some Pirates of the Caribbean crocs! We're all totally spoiled!
I'll check in when we get home from the surgery. For now, I have to get Reece bathed and to bed, and get myself ready for tomorrow! Any prayers for tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.


Heather Pritchett said...

Pritchetts are praying for the whole family for tomorrow! Hope the boys stayed warm at the game. Love the crocs...did you get red or black?

lisaquing said...

Prayers for all y'all!