Friday, October 19, 2007

Week in review, October 15-19

Ahh, a whole day at home! It has been truly lovely! Not only did we get our school work finished and the week wrapped up, but we also got the house picked up, the kids sheets/comforters washed, and the kids had time to pursue some interests (bike riding, painting, playing with dolls). It's amazing what our homeschool looks like when we stay home! ;)

Today we read for the first time from This Country of Ours. Again, the kids were captivated by the story and enjoyed looking up the locations on the globe and map after we got done reading. This wasn't because I said, "And now children, let us go to the globe and do geography by looking at these locations." It was because, when I finished reading, Riley ran over to the globe, grabbed it up and said, "Show us where he [John Cabot] landed and placed the flag of England?" Austin was interested that Cabot sailed from Bristol, because there is a Nascar race track in Bristol, TN. Whatever works, huh?

I was able to order some of the Year 3 Ambleside books today. I cannot stand to read from the computer, and I wasn't fond of printing out the chapters I needed. But I didn't want to jump in and spend alot of money on the books if AO didn't work out for us. With my points from My Points emails and online shopping, and the money from my Discover Card Cashback Bonus, I was able to order all of the books that are used for the whole year, and the rest of the first trimester books that our library doesn't have! I'll save up for the second and third trimester books. Though my husband never complains when I order books or curriculum in general, it made me feel good to know that I didn't spend any 'money' on these books! :)

Next week should be a slower week, one where we can spend more time at home. We need to spend some time working on the girls' Halloween costumes (Riley will be an angel, Reece will be a black kitty cat), and also Riley and I would like to get our supplies to go with our "Learn to Knit" video. Can anyone recommend a good starter size for knitting needles? I went to get some, and there were about 100 different kinds and sizes at Walmart! We may stop by the local knitting store and ask for help there as well!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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The Glasers said...

I am so glad you are loving Ambleside Online.

With the knitting needles, I would recommend finding a project designed for beginner young knitters. Then buy the needles and yarn recommended in the project.