Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's Tidbits

We have had a nice, busy couple of days! I have us scheduled with alot of reading this week, so we can finish up Week 3 of our Ambleside year plan. We are all enjoying the reading, and the variety of stories we are being exposed to! It's so much fun! Also, we still have so much time to be outdoors. Yesterday, Riley said, "Mommy, it's like we have a little bit of school to go with our bike riding!" (My mom bought the girls bikes while she was here... another post on that later, with pictures!) But it's not like we're slacking on our learning. Today we did math, copywork/dictation, reading, and grammar, as well as reading stories from Dangerous Journey, The Princess and the Goblin, Michaelangelo, and a short biography of Martin Luther.

My hymn-loving friends will enjoy what happened with the Martin Luther story. At the end of the story, the author shared that Martin Luther wrote hymns in his life, including ______ (the name of the hymn which I forget now). We looked on that CD that Riley had checked out from the library, and sure enough, it was on it! We listened to it, and it was pretty cool! Then I read the lyrics aloud --- which went right over my head --- and it was neat to know those were Martin Luther's own words!

Well, it's time for the RDI webinar, so I'd better close for now!


Rhonda said...

I am Lutheran and I would bet it is called "A Mighty Fortress is our God" Glad to hear you are feeling confident with the new CM plan.

Niffercoo said...

YES! That's it, Rhonda! Thanks! :)


lisaquing said...

One of our favorite hymns! It would make great copywork and vocab study too. :-)

JamBerry said...

I love that hymn! It's one of my all time favorites!

The Glasers said...

I sang that song in German in college: Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott!!!