Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday... this is Tuesday, isn't it?

The good news is... this is the busiest day of this week. The bad news is... I'm only halfway through it!

We had an appointment with the kids' developmental pediatrician this morning, the one who oversees all the autism stuff. I specifically went to talk to him about RDI and Austin's anxiety. He seems very interested in RDI, especially my description of how RDI doesn't demand performance from the child in the way of set answers, scripted behaviors, etc. He suggested to continue RDI for as long as we felt it was a good use of our resources.

I brought up the subject of Austin's anxiety, and again he recommended a blood pressure med called Clonidine. It is used off-label for children on the spectrum. It is given at night to help with sleeping and it has a residual affect on anxiety. I asked him about Omega 3s, and he said "Try it! I've heard great things for some children!" So I ordered from Omegabrite this afternoon the orange cream flavored liquid for the children, and the adult pill version for this mom whose PMS seems to be taking on a life of its own. If we don't see the results we are looking for with Austin with just the Omega 3s, then I think we are going to have to seriously consider something like the medication. It is affecting his daily life. Things he used to be able to handle before, he can no longer handle. I will be praying over this decision in the next few months, so that we know what is the best thing for Austin. The doctor says that Austin would have to have an EKG before starting him on Clonidine because it does affect the heart. YIKES. See? That scares me! Is the anxiety worth potentially causing other harmful side effects? I'm going to talk to our consultant about Clonidine as well. Her recommendations were Prozac or Zoloft. ::sigh:: Not easy decisions.

The kids did some work this morning before we left for our appointment, and then we came home and did a little more. I read the first story from Heroes, which happens to be about Perseus. I figured the kids would really enjoy this, because our hero Percy Jackson (from our current book series we're reading) was named after Perseus from mythology. I was right --- the kids loved it! Have I mentioned how much we're enjoying the stories from Ambleside?? Good stuff!

Well, the timer for rest time has gone off, and the kids need a snack before dance classes. Austin has a ball game this evening after supper. Then I'll come home and collapse into a pile of exhausted pirate mama! :)


JamBerry said...

Hey, if the OmegaBrites don't work, try another brand before writing off Omega 3's. We don't use the OmegaBrites because they have some artificial stuff in them. We prefer Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil (it's not that bad, really!) or Coromegas (lemon-lime, which tastes like LemonHeads candy accoring to Habeeb, or orange with a hint of chocolate--the regular orange flavor of coromega also has artificial flavors).

The Glasers said...

I love the AmblesideOnline books, too. . . Will be praying for the pirates and their busy week!