Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today I had an appointment with our RDI consultant, so it was another time to do what we could in the morning, then head out. The kids stayed with a friend, while I drove the 2 hour round-trip for the 1 hour appointment! LOL

When I arrived at the appointment, there was a mom coming out. I recognized her as one of the moms that had done the RDI parent training with us back in April! She actually remembered my name, and my dh's, which was embarrassing because I only remembered her daughter's name! It stuck with me because of all of the parents there, this family is the only other one to have a daughter on the spectrum. It's pretty rare, and I find myself drawn to other moms who have precious girls on the spectrum! Anyway, it was nice to see her... they live over by us, and I suggested that perhaps we could ride together to the monthly parent meetings offered by our consultant. It will have to be after baseball season though, because Austin has games on those days.

The appointment was good. This appointment was to discuss Austin's video that we turned in last week. This is one of the struggles I have with having 2 children in RDI. For instance, today we took in a video of Reece that we've been working on all week. So my mind is really in "Reece" mode, even though we're talking about Austin today. Starting with the next video, however, we're back to our old way of having 2 weeks in between videos. It's just too hard to do a video each week. We are supposed to try our next video with Austin non-verbally.

After we got back from the appointment, we rested up a little bit and left for Austin's ball game. The weather was threatening, but we got the game in! We lost badly, again. Austin made an excellent catch out in center field tonight!! He decided to bat left-handed tonight, which he hasn't done in about 8 months! He struck out both times, but he really does have a beautiful swing from that side!

Tomorrow I'm excited to have a nice day at home! We have no plans during the daytime, but dh will be gone tonight. We're going to see a friend do her cheerleading in the evening, provided Reece is up for it. She's really having a rough time since her surgery. :(

I'll have an Ambleside update tomorrow afternoon!

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The Glasers said...

Enjoy your precious downtime!!

I have to laugh about the nonverbal stuff. Pamela LOVES doing the nonverbal moments because she has struggled with language for years due to her syntactic aphasia. Except for when she wants a direct answer, she enjoys the non-verbal things we do! However, if she wants me to respond verbally, she'll complain, "Answer me" and wag her finger at me, too.

I am so excited for you that Austin is turning a corner and I pray the same for dear little Reece, too.