Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday --- a little CM, a bunch of other stuff

Today has been very different! First of all, I had really planned to go to bed early last night, so I turned off the computer (the first step! LOL), and picked up a book to read while I settled in. Unfortunately, the book was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. A few chapters into it, I knew I was going to be hooked. I asked my beloved dh to only allow me to read 1-2 more chapters, then tell me to get to bed. He assured me he would... but he fell asleep on the job. When I finally turned the last page of the book, it was 2:30 AM! Oh NO! (Brief book note: it's got a vampire in it, high school, and a non-vampire teen girl in love with the vampire. It's like Buffy the Vampire slayer, only in print, and without the superhero girl! I should have known I would have been hooked... I've missed Buffy so much since she's been off the air! Just found out there are 2 more books in this series! Off to reserve at the library!)

OK, move into the morning, when the alarm rang too early! I decided to prioritize because I knew we had so much going on today. I made pancakes while the kids started their reading. Then we did math, grammar, and copywork in quick succession. I sent the kids outside to play while I exersized and showered. Then it was lunchtime already! We left directly after lunch to go to the bank, drop off tuition at the dance studio, and hit the library and grocery store. And now we're home. Needless to say, we didn't get much done in the way of our Ambleside readings. I'll just bump them to tomorrow, which is not nearly as busy! We had to get home for the baseball playoffs, and Austin's pitching tonight.

While I'm mentioning Austin, I should really add that the boy is "ON" today. It's been a chaotic, busy day with a number of changes to our schedule. We've got a 40% chance of rain at gametime, and he's just way OK with everything. He missed one in math ... not a biggie. He wrote 10 cards instead of 13 cards, and he just erased the 0 and put a 3. Usually he would have erased the entire "10 cards" to replace it with "13 cards". And it would have been accompanied by wailing and gnashing of teeth. He was a bit stressed during typing because he can't type as fast as me, but I assured him that would come with time, and that's why we're practicing. While I was in the shower he came in to tell me he was going to be riding his bike. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with him riding his bike while I was in the shower. He said, "OK, could I go in the backyard instead?" I said that was fine (we have a privacy fence). Then in the van on the errands, Riley was singing which usually causes him to freak out, but not today. He asked me if I noticed he wasn't freaking out --- of course, I did! And the biggest thing is that he's not pacing and freaking out about the possibility of a rainout tonight for his game! It's all very neat, and I didn't want to forget to blog about it. I always seem to run for my blog when things are going rough, and forget to blog when they are going well.

Riley has had an exciting day today, too! I got an email informing me that she got a part in the Christmas musical! She's going to be a "Sugar Plum Fairie" in "Candy Cane Lane". She was SO excited! And to add to the excitement, 2 of her good friends are also going to be Sugar Plum Fairies! :) She called Daddy right away to tell him all about it because, "He's going to be so proud of me!"

Another cute note about Riley, and Lisa will get a kick out of this! First of all, I am NOT into hymns. I wasn't raised in church, and all of the churches I have been to in my life are of the contemporary variety. I like guitars, drums, and rock and roll in my worship! I have found so many praise and worship songs that touch me, and I do believe God speaks to me through the music... probably since it's so hard to get through to me in other ways! Anyway, Riley comes running to me at the library all excited that she's found this music CD and can we get it - Classic Hymns for Children. ::snore:: I tell her sure, no problem. She insisted on putting it in as soon as we got home, to play the one they are working on for choir. They are singing in the 'big church' in a few weeks. She's so excited and exclaimed, "I just LOVE hymns!" Any ideas where that comes from? She surely hasn't heard them from being around me! LOL I'm just glad she wants to listen to that instead of some of the other more questionable music that's out there! But, sorry, we're not listening to it in the van! ;)

Nothing as exciting for Reece, poor thing! She did do very good at the library today! Instead of pulling random books off the shelves (sometimes 3-4 copies of the same book), she was bringing me books that I could tell she chose from the cover. I saw an Eloise Early Reader book, and she was so thrilled! She sat right down and looked it over from cover to cover!

I'm going to rest before the game tonight, and watch the baseball playoffs with my boy! :) If you're inclined to pray for such things, Austin's pitching this evening around 7:30!


lisaquing said...

I confess. I've been communicating with Riley via telepathy and convincing her that she loves hymns.

The Glasers said...

Tell Riley I am a big time hymn lover and will be happy to join her in a few choruses. Maybe I can implant evil thoughts of things like choral music . . . The Messiah . . . Stabat Mater . . . Beethoven's Ninth Symphony . . . Mozart's Requiem . . .

You will LOVE that, Jen!!! :-)