Monday, October 22, 2007

Riley's journal

It's rest time right now, and Riley asked if she could show me something. I said sure, and she helped up a notebook. "This is my private, secret journal!" she announced. I smiled, and nodded. She then showed me the front which has a sticky note on it which reads "Riley's private... ask me first!" She said, "You have to ask me if you want to look inside my secret journal, with all my secrets in it."

And then she proceeds to show me everything she has written and drawn so far! :)

I guess I have permission?? Or else the meaning of secret isn't what I think it is!

She really cracks me up sometimes! Such a creative, clever girl!

1 comment:

lisaquing said...

Be very thankful that she wants to share all her secrets with you! How cool that she has created the journal!