Friday, October 05, 2007

Our week in review 10/1-10/5

I think, all in all, we had a very nice first week with Ambleside Online! If nothing else, I was truly disappointed when we didn't have time to finish all of our readings this past week! I'm going to look ahead to next week's schedule over the weekend to determine if I want to squeeze them in during our extremely busy week next week, or spread it all out over the next 2 weeks. More than likely, we will end up spreading things out. I don't have any desire to rush through.

One major difference that I noticed this week was that the children had alot more time to get outside and play. That is a wonderful thing!

I am concerned about the lack of writing. One of my goals for this school year had been for Austin to learn how to write a paragraph comfortably. He will not get that unless I supplement CM/AO with something else. For now, I'm going to continue on this course, and work on oral narration for a solid year (maybe more) before I start requiring a written narration. Oral narration has always been extremely difficult for Austin, so we'll focus on that foundational skill. In the meantime, I am going make sure his copywork really counts! :)

For Riley, the academics are not at all a concern, but her lack of ability to hold attention is a concern. So that's what I will work on. Thanks, Tammy, for the link in the comments to Thursday's post that address this issue!

With Reece, I am still comfortable in my decision not to focus on academics with her this year. I am going to make sure that I'm reading really good literature to her in the meantime --- goodness knows I have enough lists to choose from! :)

Next week I won't blog daily about our AO experience, only because next week is extremely busy: 2 baseball games, 2 doctor appointments, a field trip, an RDI appt., Nana and Papa coming, and Reece's surgery. But, assuming we survive next week (LOL), I'll be back to sharing our AO happenings the following week! :)


The Glasers said...

Let us know the day of Jen's surgery so we can lift her up in prayer!

I thought the same thing about writing. My dear son hated writing,
and I just knew he would be late in his transition to written narration (children with at least a year of living books, oral narration, copywork, and dictation should transition between ages ten and twelve). David had so much to say and got tired of waiting to tell me stories to write for him. When he was ten, he started writing stories in journals and typing them on the computer. I was shocked!

Jan said...

Hope Reece's surgery goes smoothly!! We'll be praying for her.
Keep me posted!!

Hope this coming week is awesome! (At least Wednesday will be fun for us both! LOL!)