Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not a Trick

In my efforts to get 3 children and their costumes out the door in time to get through traffic, pick up pizza, and get to our friends' house on time... I left my camera at home. My mother has already read me the riot act (waving at mom!), and I apologize profusely. I'm going to get everyone to dress up in the morning and we'll take some pictures. Our friend took a picture of my 3 with her son right before we left, but she doesn't know how to email pics from her camera! :(

We had a lovely time! I was in such a foul mood this afternoon, and really wanted to just skip the whole thing and stay home. But I'm so glad we didn't. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Austin decided at 5 PM that he would, in fact, get dressed up and trick or treat with his buddy (from our baseball team). He handled all of these changes with such grace. Our friends asked us over last night during the ball game so he had less than 24 hours' notice about the change in plans, not to mention deciding to trick or treat (which has hasn't done in 2 years), we were in a new neighborhood with TONS of kids running all over the place, our group of kids had a cell phone so we let them walk a little ahead of us and he was nervous about that, 2 extra kids went with us at the last minute that he didn't know, people in this neighborhood sit outside in their driveways rather than having you knock on the door, etc. All of this, and he didn't have a meltdown, didn't have a fit, just handled everything so nicely!

Reece was much the same... in fact, she led the group of much bigger kids up to the door 90% of the time, facing folks in masks, dogs, and other terrifying things! She also talked a big game about going to the haunted house someone had set up in their basement --- until she heard the noises coming from inside! LOL Riley went in with the other kids and she was absolutely terrified! (And it goes without saying that she enjoyed being around all the kids! She was very well-behaved and helped guide Reece around the first couple of houses when she was so confused!)

We got home around 9:30 and everyone is going to sleep as quickly as the sugar and caffeine will allow. I am so glad we went, despite my feeling of dread all day long! It ended up being a great time, and a wonderful chance for the kids to 'socialize'. And it was nice for mom to get to socialize with another mom as well! :)

I hope everyone has had a nice, safe evening wherever you are!

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The Glasers said...

I will be posting pictures of the wizard (Pamela) and hippie (David) that left my house. Pamela lasted only about half an hour because half of the fun is getting dressed. David is too mature to get candy so he "helped" his sister. :-)

I am looking forward to seeing their costumes the morning after. I will post my pictures later today, too.