Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Midway

It's rest time here at the Black Pearl Academy. That sacred 90 minute period where each pirate goes to his or her pre-appointed station and stays there, barring blood, vomit, or pottying. ;) I thought I'd take this moment to update our day so far.

Reece had her "Pre-Op" appointment this morning at 9:30. Thanks to the lovely metro area traffic, that means that we left the house at 8 AM. In my "pre-homeschooling" days, that would have been a typical, or even late, day. Austin got on the bus around 7 AM when he was in Kindergarten! I decided to have us listen to The Titan's Curse, book 3 in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. That made the time pass quite nicely!

We finished up there, and headed to Trader Joe's, since it's on that side of town! I had forgotten the cooler, though, so we had to stick with non-perishables like cereal, pancake mix, parmesan cheese, and dishwasher soap --- all of which are All-Natural! :)

We arrived home 5 chapters into our story, and too many hours later. I let the kids have some time to run around or ride bikes, since they had spent the better part of the mornin in the car. And then it was time to start school! Austin was very much on edge because of the drastic change in schedule. :( I hate it that he struggles so much with that. Riley did very well, getting her math done and correct (except for the section where she neglected to read the directions that said "Estimate") in a rather short time. We'll work a little more after rest time, before Riley has to go to dance classes.

During dance, I've got to work on some videotaping for Austin that is due on Thursday. I am going to be very focused on something I learned in watching the first assigned webinar: making sure that I am transferring as much responsibility for cognitivie processing as is appropriate. Also, another important thing I learned/remembered in watching the webinar is that the purpose of taping is for me and Russ, not for our consultant. We are supposed to be taping, watching, critiquing, narrating even, and then sending it off to the consultant who will give her professionally trained RDI spin to it. We're not supposed to be proving what we're doing, but rather giving examples of struggles or mastery of objectives. **

** As always, if I am misinterpreting any of this RDI stuff, I kindly ask my wonderful RDI mentors who read my blog to correct me in the comments! :)

As for our Ambleside readings... we did our scripture memory, a chapter from a world history book (will get the link up here later -- very enjoyable reading!), and a chapter of The Princess and the Goblin. We still have some of Pilgrim's Progress (I am using a version called Dangerous Journey), which I will try to get to before bed.

Alas, me hearties.... rest time be over! In the words of that famous Captain Barbossa, "Back to Work!"

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The Glasers said...

Jen, we must have seen the same webinar. I attended it live last week and found it just as revealing as you. I even blogged about it and have decided to make one or two (three max) focused videos a week, framed for the objectives I have in mind (my habit changes as well as what I am hoping to see in Pamela). And, as I do not have a consultant yet, I critique myself and rely on the kindness of RDI parents for insight.

I think your interpretation is spot-on, shipmate!

(Praying that all is well with Reece.)