Saturday, October 20, 2007

A long, fun day!

Today we had 2 birthday parties to attend, for sisters in one family. One birthday girl was turning 5, and the other birthday girl was turning 2! This is a family who loves to celebrate, so we were gone for around 6 hours between the 2 parties, and we arrived home exhausted and over-stimulated. The kids were pretty tired, too! LOL

The 5 year old's party was at a horse farm. Have I mentioned here about my utter fear of horses? Well, if not, I am not. I'm scared to death of horses! I can't even be near them! I do a very good job of hiding that fact from the kids, so as not to scare them. But it's hard being around a group of horses for 3+ hours. The girls each rode, and so did Russ. He put Riley on the back with him, and decided to make the horse go a little faster than I was expecting. I had to run away from the little circle thing where they were riding because I was so frightened! I started to cry, and I didn't want anyone to see me. But she had a great time, and that's all that matters in the end.

We went back to their house, along with the 30 or so 'close friends and family' who remained. There were 4 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit in a house not much bigger than mine. Have I mentioned that Reece is terrified of dogs? ;) Needless to say, it was interesting. We ate pizza, and stayed long enough for cake (again) and present opening (again)!

It really was a nice day. The kids were all very well-behaved. Reece took herself in and out of the action, which we just let her do. There were 4 other 'big boys' and Austin played with all of them very well. He, too, would break away here and there for some quiet time, and then go right back to running with the crowd. Russ was really pleased to see how well he did. He was more worried about Reece, especially with her perseveration over the dog who remained in the house. But he has never had a great fear, and speaking as one who had to run off because their child and husband were riding a horse, I think she did quite well!

Speaking of that, the 2 year old birthday girl chose Reece to 'help' her open a present, and Reece did what quite well reminded me of an RDI interaction! She opened the present a little bit, then showed it to the little girl and said, "Now you try it! There you go! Good job!" and everyone said, "Awwwww!"

Riley was also extremely well-behaved, especially considering that she was sort of between ages. She was too young and the wrong gender to hang with the boys. But she was 3 years older than the nearest girl (who was her sister). She did a really nice job with not trying to steal the show, which I was so proud of. She loves to have the attention turned towards her, and she really allowed everyone to focus on the birthday girls. I was, and am, very proud of her for showing such maturity, and we're going make sure and spotlight this with her!

So now, it's time for some sleep! I'm wiped out!


lisaquing said...

What a full day! Any reason for such a fear of horses? I adore horses and wish we had a horse farm! Guess then you'd never ever come to visit, eh? lol

Niffercoo said...

When I was a young teenager, we lived in South Dakota and rented a place from a family with a large farm/ranch. One day they asked us out for a day of fun, horse riding, motorbikes, etc. The horse I was riding decided it was time to run, and I couldn't get it to stop. I was terrified, and I haven't been able to be near horses again. My heart begins to pound and I get scared out of my mind. :(

If you had horses, I'd come visit as long as I could stay about 10 feet from the horses! LOL