Sunday, October 14, 2007

He's angry with me!!

I took Austin to the grocery store with me tonight. My mom had given him $5 to buy some more Hot Pockets. (Yeah, go ahead and cringe with me... the mere smell of them makes me sick to my stomach!) We were on our way out of the store, and he stopped by the Pepsi vending machine to get a soda with his change. I shook my head, and he said, "Please! Please, mom!!" Again, I said, "Nope." He said, "How about Sierra Mist?" I told him it wasn't about the caffiene but the fact that he has had enough soda this weekend with Nana and Papa here. He walked away from the machine, and if looks could kill, I wouldn't have been able to drive him home! ;)

We were in the van on the way home and he said, "I don't think I'm going to talk to you tonight." I assured him that was a decision he could make, though it hurt my feelings. He was quiet for about 10 minutes, then said, "Oh look! A police car ahead!" I replied "Yep, it looks like he's pulled someone over... his lights sure are bright." Austin then said, "I actually wasn't talking to you... I was talking to myself."

I couldn't stand it any longer! I just gushed about how proud I was of him! He said, "Mom, stop being proud.... can't you tell I am ANGRY with you? You treated me like a baby. I just wanted a soda." I told him that's the REASON I am so proud! 6 months or a year ago, he would have been jumping up and down in front of the Pepsi machine flipping out because I told him no and he was expecting a soda and I didn't let him have one! Then he would have cried the whole way home and been totally flipped out.

Instead, he was giving me the silent treatment! And then he told me he was angry with me!!

It's just so exciting! :) He's angry with me!

BTW, he is talking to me again! It didn't last too long, especially once I spotlighted what he was doing and how awesome it is! Then he got proud of himself! ;)


Rhonda said...

Jennifer, This is so awesome! We ASD mom's get how awesome that really is. YEA Austin, Yea Jennifer Blessings Rhonda

JamBerry said...

What a great memory and insight! I love it!

lisaquing said...

Progress!! Yay!

And I buy Hot Pockets every week for work. lol

The Glasers said...

Three cheers for Austin!!!! That is a big leap for him to stay calm enough to verbalize his anger!!! YIPPEE!!!