Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Fall Activities

I got this from Jan's Blog from back on the 21st. Here is a list of my favorite fall activities/traditions:
  1. Yankee Candles: in Harvest (October), Pumpkin Spice (November), and Home Sweet Home (December). There is nothing I love more than a nice smelly house in the fall. It isn't the same after Christmas is over.
  2. Hay rides: I love going on a hay ride. We've missed out on this the last 2 years. Next year, we won't miss it!
  3. Fall clothes: I love long sleeve shirts, sweaters, fuzzy warm socks, and corduroy pants that make noise when you walk.
  4. Cooler weather: We can be outside all the time, wearing the aforementioned warm, cozy clothes!
  5. Fires in the fireplace: Ok, so this is mostly a winter activity in the south, but in the fall, I know it's just around the corner!
  6. A holiday a month: Halloween (ok, borderline holiday), Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Yeah, technically Christmas is probably a winter holiday, but the seasons seem a bit different to me down here. I break it down like this: Winter is January and February; Spring is March, April, May; Summer is June-September; and Fall is October-December! It's hard to call it fall in September when it's still 90+ degrees!

I really think fall is my favorite time of the year!

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